Awesome Approved Businesses and Services

There are times in our lives, whether you are on the road or not, where services are needed.  You might need a tire repair, a good exercise class, or just a cupcake.  And we have always found that word of mouth is always the best way to find excellent service and products.  If someone is willing to tell you in a conversation how great a certain place it, you can almost always bet that it’s worth the trip if you need that service.  In our situation, we have been blessed to come across many such businesses.  From car repair to cupcakes there are many places that we find we wish we could have constant access to!  We decided to designate a page on our blog to promoting these wonderful people and their businesses.

If you are ever in need of anything, and you happen to be where we’ve been, please check here and know that they’ve earned the Travelling Awesome’s Seal of Approval!

Last Chance Garage  Raleigh, NC

The Health Studio  Morrisville, NC

The Body Mechanic  Morrisville, NC

Caboodle Cupcakes  Terre Haute, IN  This business is now under new ownership-you’ll have to let me know if you visit!

Doc’s Diner  Key Largo, FL

Smith Family Farm  Bethel Island, CA

Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary & Retreat Center  Burnet, TX

Hilo Coffee Mill  Hilo, Hawaii

The Burren Perfumery  center of the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland

Harvest Bakery  Terre Haute, In

Java Haute  Terre Haute, In

3 thoughts on “Awesome Approved Businesses and Services”

  1. Good afternoon Mary,

    You have been hard to get a hold of! You entered our contest on Facebook (Food Insight) and I wanted to say “Congratulations, you are the winner of the 2013 Food Safety Education Month Contest.” Please respond to this email accepting the prize of an IPad mini as well as information for where we can send the prize. Thank you for entering the contest; we appreciate your entry and creativity. Feel free to share your photo on social media.

    We plan to use your photo in promotion on our blog on and on Facebook/ Twitter.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you!


    Brittany Mountjoy
    Program Coordinator, Food Safety and Food Technology
    International Food Information Council
    Also, don’t forget to follow me @AlliancetoFeed


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