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More of Romania

I know, you’re sitting there wondering how in the world I’m going to come up with more about Romania.  Trust me…I could go on for days!

The base of operations for a week was near a town called Sibiu.  That’s where we made our friends Geta and Ducu.  They were supposed to be our landlords but ended up treating us like out of town friends 🙂  We really believe that they are part of the reason we think so highly of Romania in general!

Dinner with Geta and Ducu (which was made with things from their garden!)
Dinner with Geta and Ducu (which was made with things from their garden!)

On our first day there, Geta made sure we had some food in the fridge and then she and Ducu took us out to the town square and showed us the festival they were having.  They left us to have a good time after they took our picture on The Liars Bridge!  They say if you’re a liar and you cross the bridge it will collapse!!  I guess we’re okay then 🙂

on Liars Bridge
on Liars Bridge

We also encountered a mime while we were walking around…..Sylar got caught up in his act!


Geta also suggested that we drive up to Sighisoara while we were there.  It’s supposed to be the birthplace of Dracula and being that we had just gone to see the castle we knew it wasn’t something we could pass up.


We also had to have dinner at Casa Dracul!


We ordered dinner for two and it was enough to feed all of us. It was quite tasty and after stuffing ourselves we headed out to the square to walk it off.


We decided to head up the Clock Tower, a local landmark, and take in the view of the city.  It was gorgeous.  We were unable to take pictures while in the tower but got a few of the sights from the top.  I really enjoyed that they had plates with distances to various cities all over the top!

IMG_5311IMG_5325Then we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and taking in the beautiful buildings and street scenes.  We took a ton of pictures because the old wooden doorways and stone walls were just too good to pass up.

IMG_5335IMG_5444IMG_5445We also got to take a look at the grounds near the Gothic Church. To get there you have to walk up the Schoolboy Stairs which date back to the 1600’s.  There are 175 steps up to the church and the old schoolhouse.  There was a nice young man from the local school there offering explanations while accruing extra credit!



That town really sucked us in.  I don’t think we ended up getting home until 9pm.  It was one of those places we wished we had more time to explore 🙂