T-minus how many days?

Our plans keep changing…and changing…and changing.  And I know I should just say (because Carl will read this) that it keeps changing because I can’t figure out what exactly I want to do.  Who knew planning a trip, albeit a long one, could be this hard?  You would think that you pick your places, pack your bags, and go.  But I have news for you folks; if you believe that, then you’ve been duped.  First of all, how in the heck did we get all this stuff?  And any of you who have actually been to our house know that we really don’t have a lot of stuff…but we DO! (It’s a paradox)  And it’s taking forever to go through it all, pack it up and put it wherever it’s supposed to go.  Secondly, we need to do trial runs before we actually pull out for good….who knows if we really need that pot, those pants, or this game?  It’s better to find out when we can actually make some changes without having to either trash or purchase various items.  So, that takes more planning on our part.  Did I mention that it’s rather difficult living in two locations with one set of everything?  Yeah….

But don’t let my complaints make  you think that I am anything but excited.  Because I am so excited I can’t decide whether to go left or right!  Every time I stop and think about what we are getting ready to do….I get a little dumbstruck, nervous, scared and then unbelievably excited.  Who in their right minds do this kind of thing?  That is unless your kids are grown and you’re retired!  I truly understand the blessings that the Lord has given us that allow us to take this path in our life.  We are so lucky that Carl has a job that allows us the income, the time, and the flexibility to travel this way.  We are blessed with kids that love to travel and see new things….and who are secure enough in their lives that leaving loved ones doesn’t cause a total meltdown.  We are also blessed by the steps that we’ve taken in homeschooling our kiddos…if we hadn’t decided to homeschool a year or so ago, then I don’t think that this thought would have entered our atmosphere, let alone our realm of possibility.  How amazing will it be to live out the stories we read?  (even though it will be in a place with one bathroom and no laundry facilities!)  I am beyond excited to begin this journey with those that already make my life so special!!

So, here is the countdown as it stands right now.  This weekend is the Warrior Dash in Charlotte (you guys ready??).  Carl will be leaving from the airport on Sunday for a short work trip.  The kids and I will come back to Raleigh, specifically to Jordan Lake, for the rest of the week.  Then we will be heading out to Blowing Rock with some friends on Thursday/Friday with a quick trip into Charlotte to pick Carl up on Saturday.  We plan on heading back to Jordan Lake on Monday to give us a few final days to make any changes in packing and time to clean out the house.  Then….we’re off!

I will blog as often as I can….this is supposed to be the portal to our lives to those we are leaving, meeting, and missing.  I will do my best to keep it current!

until next time….

One thought on “T-minus how many days?”

  1. We will miss you guys!! Oliver will too! Our kids want to know why we didn’t do this when they were younger! Have a safe first leg and I look forward to keeping track of you as you travel!!!


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