2 weeks past due

wowee time sure does fly! for those of you who use this as a means of truly staying up on our travels i’m very sorry about my untimely postings. i used to blog a few years ago when we lived in colorado. my sister in law used to say that followers could tell when my husband came home because i would disappear. i guess that holds true now as well. carl was home for about, what…9 days i think. we moved the trailer, found some things to do, places to eat, movies to watch….but in my own defense i DID think about blogging….really! seriously here though folks…i honestly will try to do better at putting our travels into words. i think i tend to over think it and only sit down to write with the intention of making it big and long and full of pictures…but i am learning (by keeping with a blog i’ve followed for years which i’ll share in a bit) that sometimes just a few thoughts, pictures, or updates is enough.

so, since we’ve shared with you all a few weeks ago we have moved a few times and seen some pretty neat things. the last post was from west memphis, tn. graceland. bbq. mississippi river. it was all pretty cool even though we decided to skip graceland (sorry elvis lovers). we just didn’t think that the kids would stay interested. and at the prices the tickets were being sold for, well, we decided to hit up a museum instead! first things first…we camped at the Tom Sawyers RV Park right on the mississippi river. it was a really nice park with free laundry (whoop whoop!), wifi, and a nice view of the river. the only down side to our time there was that it rained. a lot.

kids in front of the Mississippi River

while we were there, we went into downtown and checked things out. we saw some pretty cool statues that were on display through the college ulumni association as a way to support the college. people could purchase and help design each tiger in honor of the year they chose to support. they were cool…though sy and annalea just wanted to climb on them!

sy and annalea in front of a University of Memphis tiger

we tried some local bbq which was good…it didn’t blow me away but it’s nice to say we ate at the Rendezvous in memphis! we also got to see the Peabody Ducks! that was pretty neat. they live in the fountain the the lobby during the day and head up to their roost on the roof at night via the red carpet and the elevator…you can go watch them walk the red carpet (which we did)!

when carl finally flew in we went out to eat some of the best fried chicken i think i’ve ever tasted. it was Gus’s Fried Chicken and it was a complete hole in the wall! they don’t even have a website! but the reviews were awesome and we decided to give it a go. i am really glad we did. i don’t think i’ve ever eaten fried chicken that good…and i even got carl to try some fried green tomatoes (which he liked!). we also did our good deed for the day and bought a plate for a homeless guy down the block πŸ™‚

we also decided to try a museum with an imax. we settled on the Pink Palace Museum. it was a nice afternoon including a christmas show on the imax with popcorn πŸ™‚

we headed out a few days after carl got in because we knew we only had a week or so to get somewhere where we would stay for a month (he flies round trip). we settled on savannah, ga. it was a two day trip to get there from memphis so we decided to stop for a few days at georgia’s own Little Grand Canyon in Providence Canyon. There was no camping at that state park so we found another state park about 8 miles away that we could camp at. It was the Florence Marina State Park and that is where we spent thanksgiving! the park was really nice although their dryer was SO slow!! but the grounds were beautiful with lovely walking trails and lots of those living oak trees with the moss! we ended up getting some steaks instead of turkey…turkey gives us a lot of leftovers and we just don’t have the space. before we got some grub we decided to head over to the little grand canyon and go for a hike. it was pretty neat…the kids loved walking in the riverbed to get to the views!

daddy and kids in the little grand canyon riverbed (georgia)
little grand canyon view

we did have a ”thank you Lord” moment…sy followed a butterfly to the canyon edge and almost crawled off…it was rather scary and just goes to show that the Lord is always watching out for us!

other than that moment, it was a fun hike and we got back to camp with some grumblies in our tumblies!! we had a great thanksgiving will all the fixins and pie for dessert! we broke camp a few days later and headed on toward savannah. of course, another great campground was found and that is where we are now….Hardeeville RV Park.

this campground encouraged us to sign up for Passport America. you pay a small fee each year and it gives you a membership to certain campgrounds who are part of the program and offer discounted camping. we are camping in a full hook up park near savannah for only $20/night….and for those of you who don’t know the rates, this is a great one!! the rv park is a no frills park but they do have laundry and wide open spaces along with wifi. it’s the perfect park for us and we are hesitant to leave. we are actually supposed to head out today but we (meaning me and grace) have decided to stay a few days longer before heading up to charleston sc. so far we have taken a trolley tour of savannah, had some low country boil at the Crab Shack (why does traveling always include food?!) saw the cathedral of st. john the baptist where we got to listen to the catholic school choir practice for their sunday evening performance, and got to dress like a pirate for dinner at the Pirates House!

kids with Cindy, our tour of Savannah trolley driver/guide

yummy food!

the cathedral of st. john the baptist
captain annalea....argh!

we are really having a wonderful time….even though it’s not really exactly as we thought it would be! savannah is truly a lovely city and i think we might have to find a few more things to see while we are here!

Did you know that Forrest Gump was filmed here? and we got to see the bench where he sat telling his story as well as the steeple of the church where the feather fell during the opening/closing scene!!

ok….we are off to decorate our mini tree for christmas and maybe go on a hike! I’ll be back soon, i promise!

5 thoughts on “2 weeks past due”

  1. Marlys and I had thought about spending a couple of days in Savannah this last week, but decided to stay home. It’s a shame we didn’t head on down. Could have seen some of our fave peeps!


    1. that really would have been great Sam! sorry we missed the opportunity….although i’m sure another will come along πŸ™‚


  2. Awesomeness!!! I’m so glad to see this update! The kids are so big and you all look like you are having an amazing time! Love it!! πŸ™‚ I enjoyed all the pictures so much but none so much as the Annalea pirate-picture! πŸ™‚ too fun!


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