Friends and Fish

I realized this morning that I’m falling behind in my posts….so after this one I should be caught up to current time 🙂

We are in Riptide RV Park at mile marker 97.5 in Key Largo.  I like this park.  We are parked by the road so it can get a bit noisy with traffic but its very bearable.  We have a nice little beach area for the kids to play around in, shuffleboard, and really cool retired guys who love to show Grace how to catch crab….rip their legs off cause they grow back, and eat ’em.  yep….they RIP their legs/claws off and then throw them back, legless, into the water…because a few times in their little crabby lives they can regrow their claws.  cool huh?  Grace thought so….but she might have just been excited cause they let her drive the boat!!

stone crab claw


shuffleboard...not just for old people!


Sylar....don't get wet...."ok Mom, I won't"...uhuh


We also found…down the road a bit, a fruit stand that has fresh fish for sale on the weekends…so we decided to try one.  Let me just tell ya, in case you didn’t know, that it takes waaaaay longer to cook a whole fish than it does to cook the filets.  But wow was it tasty.  I think that we decided that hogfish was our favorite.  It had a fresh, clean, firm flesh that tasted very non-fishy 🙂


One of the many fun (er) things we did is visit with Lauren and Jorge (before the wedding! those pics will be in the next post – remember, i’m behind!).  We were introduced to some cuban cuisine in miami and thoroughly enjoyed it…AND enjoyed our time with them.

Lauren, Jorge, Sy, Annalea and Grace

Ok…I think that catches you all up.  The next post will be tomorrow, hopefully!  And it shall be about Key West, Lauren’s wedding, and an amazing breakfast at noon!


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