Help us name the game!

We have had a few requests to start a game here at the Travelling Awesomes!  Something similar to the old game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?!

And since we aim to please, we are going to give it a shot!!

But there is one problem….every game needs a name.  And the good games have good names, and that’s what we need!  A name!

The rules will be simple.  We will announce, with a post, when the new game will begin so everyone has a fair shot at answering.  When the time comes, we will write a post that has clues, in any form, to help you determine our location.  Your answer must be specific with the location named including city and state.  Answers must be left in the comment section and the winner will be announced the following day!

And will there be a prize, you ask?

Why yes, there will be!

The first person to answer correctly will be contacted via email and, if accepted, will be mailed one perfect paper representation of our location in the form of a postcard!  I know!  Awesome, huh?!

But first things first…..what’s the name of the game???

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