Easter in the Texas Hill Country!

Our last stop in Texas was at a very special place.  I have mentioned, quite a lot, our chiropractor and friend Puja Wentworth.  Well, our schedules worked out so that we were going to be close enough to visit over Easter.  She was travelling with her daughter Sophia to visit her Mom at her place on Lake Buchanan near Burnet, TX.  Now, there’s a few directions I want to go in this post.  The first will be where we were.  The second will be with whom 🙂

The where:   Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary and Retreat Center

I have to say that this place was one of the most wonderful places I have been.  The tagline on her website is this: It’s more about being than doing.  And that is the truth.  Mariah (owner/mom) allowed us to park our camper in her parking lot and generally have free run of the place.  The lake is a few steps from the camper with swimming and fishing and beautiful views of the sunset.  The grounds are simply amazing.  Mariah has really allowed her love of nature to show by creating a space where if feels as if you are fitting into nature, instead of stepping into a fabricated environment.  Everything just fits so beautifully into the natural landscape…the buildings, steps, pathways and all the flora and fauna.  She has created a place where you can feel instantly at home, relax, commune with nature and hear yourself more clearly.  And at the same time she has filled it to the brim with comforts that you experience down to your soul.  She offers her guests a hot tub where you can relax and unwind with amazing veiws of the lake, lovely suites for guests to reside in, body work by a true healer, wifi, a library, and amazing paths for the nature lover to walk and take in the beautiful scenery.  And the food….oh my, the table that Mariah sets for her guests and loved ones.  The night we arrived we were pleased to share a meal prepared with organic, fresh ingredients that was just amazing.  She prepares simple meals and allows the flavor and quality of the food to speak for itself.

I really can’t quite explain the effect that this place, and this woman, had on our family.  I’m sorry that Carl had to work and miss most of our time there, but the kids and I experienced a connection to this place like no other we’ve visited.  We found ourselves calmer, more comfortable inside our own skin, and able to reinforce our bonds of love and connection with each other and this beautiful world God has given to us.

The air of peace and healing around Rainbow Hearth wouldn’t be there without Mariah.  As I sit here, thinking of how to put into words how welcome I felt at her home, the changes that I witnessed in my own children and the connection we felt with her, emotion wells up from my soul.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to share our time there with her and Puja and Sophia.  So at this point, I’ll move on to the second point of my post…

The Who:  Puja, Sophia, and Mariah

Puja is simply unexplainable.  She is a wonderful person who follows in her mother’s footsteps as a true healer.  She has helped our family and along the way become a valued friend.  I really couldn’t imagine my life without her…

Puja and I

And of course sweet Sophia.  She an Annalea share a wonderful bond that I hope lasts through the years.

I had heard quite a lot about this place and many stories of her childhood and her mom….and I’m thrilled that I finally got to meet her and experience a part of her life that few are lucky enough to witness.

Mariah, Sophia and Puja

We are grateful that Mariah let us stay the following week while waiting for Carl to fly home from work.  I think that time allowed us to really get to know each other and we spent some wonderful evenings at her kitchen table working and talking. (there really is just something about a kitchen and a table)

Mariah showing Annalea some secrets 🙂

We also got to sink our hands into the earth and leave a little bit of our love in her garden.  The kids and I truly enjoyed bringing to fruition Mariah’s goals for her garden 🙂

this is the after pic....wish I'd taken a before for comparison!

I think that Annalea felt as deeply as I did for this bit of land.  She really connected with Mariah and leaving was very hard for her. It was hard for me too.  I look forward to the next visit to Rainbow Hearth, Mariah, and Sunny (the doggie)!

And of course, if any of you are in Texas, or desire a vacation destination where you can find yourself again, I highly suggest visiting Rainbow Hearth and allowing this wonderful place to rejuvinate your soul 🙂

Thank you all for visiting us again..please leave any comments below, i LOVE hearing from you all!

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