catching up…at a snails pace

Who changed time?  Seriously, someone must have flew around the Earth like Superman and made time speed up because I have NO idea where the last three weeks went…..

Well, I sorta do….(sheepish grin)  My husbands been home….that in and of itself makes time fly and me become a socially inept hibernating bear.  We tend to forget the outside world when he comes home, so I apologize about that…and I’ll be apologizing for it next month when it happens again 🙂

So today, I plan on trying to keep it to a short, catch up sorta post.  I have had some feedback that the longer catch up posts are a bit too long…so I’ll try to do better!

The last thing we did in Albuquerque was witness the solar eclipse.  IT. WAS. SERIOUSLY. COOL.  The whole afternoon/evening was a great time with the kids.  This happened before Carl got home from Norway so it was just me and the wild turkeys.  There were many venues available in Albuquerque that were putting on some event for the eclipse, and we ended up heading to this place:

And then, while we were waiting, we had some brownies, played charades, and did some of this:

And ultimately saw this….



I told ya it was cool!

More to come 🙂  (is this better Sarah?)

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