San Diego Pics

It has come to my attention, as I look over all the photos we’ve taken recently, that I have neglected to share a few of my favorites with you all.  So before I share another (newer) post with you, I want you all to see some of the pictures from San Diego. So, without further ado…..

Romano’s Italian Restaurant in Julian, CA

We tried this place because Annalea wanted pasta and it was the only Italian restaurant in Julian that we could find.  Man am I glad we went!  We got to meet the owner and many of the family that work and help in the restaurant.  It was a great afternoon of food and conversation!

Joe and his kids with our kids 🙂
a super delicious calzone at lunch!
Time for some apple pie in Julian after lunch!
Daddy and Sy and whole lotta pie!
going down the stairs to the water at Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, CA

I used to hang out in Ocean Beach a lot before I had the kids (and the hubby).  It was cool to share this special spot with the family!

Sunset Cliffs
When the tide is out you can walk along the rocks 🙂

While in San Diego, we decided to do the whole shebang and get checkups/dentist etc visits taken care of.  This is Dr. Susanna Chou.  She’s a phenomenal physician, made us feel right at home, and took the time to get to know us during our visits!  (plus she homeschools…that makes her extra awesome!)

squeezing in checkups with Dr. Chou!
hanging out at Seaport Village
fun in La Jolla, CA
the seals in La Jolla, CA
on a rock wall in La Jolla
Daddy can still carry Gracie…especially after twisting her ankle 🙂
hmmmm…which way to go?

I also got a new tattoo while in San Diego.  Through a series of events, I ended up getting an appointment with a guest artist from Denver who was going to be doing some work at Buju Tattoo.  Her name was Kristy and you can find examples of her work here.  She did an amazing job..and I think I’ve got plans for more!

Kristy hard at work!
My lovely tattoo artist!

Carl decided to finally get some tattoos that he had been wanting for a while.  Since I had some great luck finding Kristy through Buju Tattoo, we decided to go back there to have his ink done as well.  I think they turned out wonderful!

carls new ink
Sarah and I hanging at the pool with the kiddos on our last day.
Grace and Cathryn
Annalea and Ethan
Grace and Grace…one is my child, the other was one of the wonderful women in the office at our campground!

And last but not least was the little red caboose that delivered my daily iv of coffee…they made the best latte around!!  I got the chance to meet the owners and chat with them during our stay in El Cajon.  They are a super cool couple with some cutie babies (one with fur!) and know how to make a mean latte….one that I could drink with no sweetener! I really enjoyed supporting a local establishment with such wonderful owners/staff.  I’ll definitely be back!  And I hope you all get a chance to hit the road…I think you’d love it!

The Grinding Hart Coffee Caboose

San Diego and all we met and saw was amazing.  I’m sure we’ll be back because we didn’t see everything!  Hope you all enjoyed the pics!

One thought on “San Diego Pics”

  1. Those pictures were so wonderful!!! It looks like you all had an amazing time! I can’t possibly pick a “favorite” among the pictures, but the one of Carl/Sy and the pies, you spinning with Annalea, and then Carl carrying Grace (sniffle) would definitely be up there! 🙂 They were *all* great! Thanks for posting and sharing these~


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