Visiting the Delta

Just in case you aren’t sure where the Delta is, we are about 45 miles East of San Francisco.  There are quite a few little towns all around here but not a whole lotta options on RV parks.  After our antics at the last campground a winner was found!  We are staying on Bethel Island.  It’s a little extra cool to me because the grade school I went to in Ohio was Bethel Elementary!!  (chuckle chuckle)  Anyway, we have been here a bit longer than we planned, but, that’s just how we roll.  Wherever it’s good, we stay!  This campground is pretty nice….it’s also a marina so there are a lot of private crafts coming in and out, a pool, laundry, decent wifi, and peace and quiet in the evening!  But the real reason we are here is to be near a town called Antioch….and a few people that live there! This is what we’ve spent most of our time here doing….

Annalea and her namesake/birthday share-er Aunt Tabby!
Carl, his sister Tabby, and Lily the Licky!




That dog…we call her Licking Lily….LOVES to lick…but she’s so cute you just kinda let her do whatever she wants….which usually includes licking body parts….ears and toes especially!

Sy and Aunt Tabby beating each other up!






Sylar loves hangin at Aunt Tabby’s….she’s got a Wii, dogs, backyard, and soda…what else could a boy ask for?  Oh yeah….an Auntie who wrestles with him 🙂




Hanging at the pool



There’s a great big pool near Aunt Tabby’s that we went to…it had a sand entrance and salt water.  Poor Annalea had red eyes after we were done…but everyone had a fabulous time!






So the Delta is absolutely amazing for growing almost anything….there are farm stands EVERYWHERE that have the most amazing beautiful yummy produce.  The island grows blackberries (wild so we can pick anytime!) squash, berries, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, peppers, corn, and so much more.


Isn’t this a beautiful tomato??



Sy pickin peaches 🙂


The Smith Family Farm stand down the road has some beautiful heirloom tomatoes….green on the outside with a lovely array of reds and whites on the insides….and the ones called black russians taste Amazing!




The same farm has pick your own of various things as they come into season.  We recently picked some tomatoes, plums, and peaches.  We met some ladies who were out picking about 100 lbs of tomatoes to make tomato sauce for the winter!  Coming up in October they’ll have another variety of peach and some pomegranates (which Gracie loves!).




So one morning Sylar and I went over to the playground so he could play and I could get a workout in.  He loves to take his muscly guys wherever he goes…they tend to try to fly and get buried and things like that 🙂  However, on this day, one of his guys…his favorite guy, got lost.  We searched and searched and dug and dug all to no avail.  We just couldn’t find him.  Then I asked Sy….”Did you ask God to help?”.  So, my sweet son sat in the sand, bowed his head and clasped his hands together and asked God to help him find his guy.  As he lifted his head he sunk his hands into the sand and guess what he came up with???

Sy and his guy

Aren’t answered prayers a wonderful thing 🙂


go Gracie go!


Cornhole anyone??

seriously…if you haven’t ever played this game…you need to!  It was a ton of fun playing with Tia- -especially since she let us bend the rules 🙂

Though if any of you are handy, or are married to someone who is…just make a set!





Okay…well, I have a lot of things on the to-do list today folks.  We leave for Hawaii on Monday.  Tomorrow I have to drop the camper off at the repair shop so some work can get done to it while we are gone. So today is truck washing, packing up, cleaning the camper day.  Then tomorrow a drop off and then heading to Aunt Tabby’s to stay the weekend.  Carl comes home on Saturday and then we are heading to the hotel on Sunday to stay before we leave on Monday morning!

Have a wonderful weekend!




One thought on “Visiting the Delta”

  1. This is so awesome! It looks like you guys had a great time! I love pictures like these… 🙂 That’s so cute that Sylar prayed to find his muscle man. ::snort:: I’m glad he found him! Thank you for sharing your memories with us!


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