More tall trees

Anyone been up Highway one-oh-one into Oregon?  I’m sure that if any of you happen to raise your hand that you would say, “oh, the Oregon coast is gorgeous”.  And I’m sure you would be correct.  However, when we were traveling out of Northern California and into Oregon, the only part of the coast we saw was near the Redwood National Park, and then we decided to head to the middle of Oregon and up to something that I was SO excited to see…..the Tillamook Cheese Factory!!  But I’m getting ahead of myself….

Coming out of San Francisco, where my amazing and uber talented at driving hubby decided to drive us across the Bay Bridge….

making my heart race!
making my heart race!

During our hair raising experience crossing the bridge we got to see Alcatraz.  We thought about doing a tour, but the cost of all of us going didn’t make sense when we thought about if the kids would enjoy it or not….maybe Carl and I will go back another time and see it.


After getting out of the city we headed in a northerly direction with the purpose of seeing the Redwoods.  It was an easy drive and we decided to just take the camper through the park instead of finding a campground that would accommodate our length.  It was pretty and I’m glad we saw it.

IMG_6760 IMG_6775 IMG_6788 IMG_6792 IMG_6804

We stopped and took a short hike to stretch our legs and see the trees up close. And then we hopped back into the truck and headed across the state line into Oregon.  By this time it was getting cold and we had to decide what we were going to see. We had wanted to head up to Washington, but things get a little hairy when the nights get closer to freezing…so we made the decision to just head toward Northern Oregon via the middle of the state and pop over to see the Tillamook Cheese Factory before getting out of the cold weather…more on that next time!

And I promise it won’t take me so long to post something!

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