Like Nothing You’ve Felt Before!

Does it show my age to say ”cool” as much as I do?  I’m sure there are some ‘cooler’ words being used out there, but I’m a little out of practice….so feel free to comment and school me! (I’m doing it again, huh?)

So, back when we were in Northern California, we decided to go to the aquarium in Monterey. It’s located in Monterey Bay on Cannery Row….right on the coast.  This HUGE building has jelly fish, seahorses, penguins, and an aviary…not to mention it’s on the coast.  As in step outside and watch for whales!


Carl had been telling me for months that it was THE aquarium to visit….so when we were in the vicinity we decided to take a day trip. Of course, since this could be called a field trip, it was deemed as such and other lessons were squashed for the day…this made for some very happy campers!

It was a bit of a drive, but we have learned over this last year and change that if it’s inside of two hours, it’s worth it to just make it a day trip instead of towing the camper out.

On our walk down the street to the entrance we had to stop and watch this:

garbage truck
garbage truck

Now, if you’re a boy, and five….you just might understand!

But for those of use that aren’t….the INSIDE of the aquarium was the place to be to see really cool things like this…


Did you find the fish?

Or how about this little guy…I don’t know what he is…but I be my friend Sarah does….(hint hint…tell me Sarah…otherwise we’ll just have to call him George)


These were just pretty…



And who doesn’t like the tide pools? Even us grown ups like to get in there and touch slimy stuff!





Ok, so there’s more…there’s the jellies and the seahorses…but those might have to wait…cause I have waaay to many pictures to sort through for you all!!

I’ll be back 🙂





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