Fun Beach Finds and Grilled Pizza

Currently we are near Port Aransas outside of Corpus Christi, TX.  Since this stretch of sand is supposed to be a nice family beach, I struggled to find a campground that was far enough from the water to protect us from the sand, yet close enough to allow us to dig in and not drive anywhere.  I settled on the Pioneer Beach Resort.  It’s a little out of our budget, but as far as the local spots go, it’s greatly priced for it’s amenities and location.  We are a five minute walk over the boardwalk to the beach, there are two pools and laundry along with the regular full hookup and great wifi.  I have to say I am very happy with our choice of beach campgrounds!  I did consider actual beach camping.  We’ve seen quite a few campers down ON the beach…but since my guy guy (you know….my guy guy, my guy with skills.  the one you can send into the wilderness with a pocket knife and a Q-tip and they build you a shopping mall) wasn’t here, I figured I’d err on the side of caution and keep my rig off the sand!

Anyway, we have spent some time hanging on the beach, walking on the beach, thinking about the beach, falling asleep to the sound of the beach….pretty much just beachy livin!!  Yesterday it was a bit chilly and cloudy so after school we went to the beach for a walk and to see what treasures we could find.  Our bounty in pictures:


It’s a lonely stretch when it’s cloudy!IMG_8854


There were Portuguese Man of War everywhere!IMG_8855


Very cool, very old sandal….IMG_8860


Look Mommy….IMG_8864


Another very old sandal!IMG_8868


Broken sand dollarsIMG_8874


Puppy love….IMG_8875


and onion?  cool….IMG_8876



It was a very fun walk on the beach near our campground.  We saw some pretty cool stuff and a TON of jelly fish which led to the kids saying they’d just rather swim in the pool for the rest of the week!  That is until we met some kids who were grabbing seaweed and finding all kinds of treasures….now I guess we need to buy a net!

When we got home, it was time for showers and dinner.  I had already planned dinner based on a suggestion by my good friend Jen.  She said that they have really come to like grilled pizza.  I was skeptical at first, but the more she talked, the more I figured we’d give it a shot.  Well, today was the day!!  So, I found the dough recipe here, and the grill recipe here (via Jen’s suggestions) and got started!  I made the dough before our walk and it was HUGE when we got home.  It was really easy to stretch…I’ve had some dough’s be really elastic and they take what seems like hours to stretch into the shape you want.  But this recipe was very workable.  I hand patted it out onto some wax paper and then headed out to the grill.  I heated it up on medium heat and greased the grill so the dough wouldn’t stick then threw it on….



It only takes a few minutes so check often (tho you won’t look this cute doing it!)IMG_8893


Add a little pizzazz when you flip the first one over!IMG_8896


See how pretty they turn out?IMG_8898


After you flip and let them cook up for a few minutes, take them off the grill, add sauce and toppings and then throw back on for a few minutes until it’s all melted!IMG_8902


This was surprisingly easy to make as long as you don’t forget to throw your dough together earlier in the day.  They were SO delicious…I am certain we’ll be making them again!

I have lots more to share, but I have to actually get off the computer and face the world at some point today!!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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