A week in Langkawi

Our week in Langkawi, Malaysia was just amazing.  The kids and I are sitting here waiting on our boat back to Phuket and are just repeating how great it was over and over!  Just in case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, our visas for Thailand were just about at their end and we needed to cross the border somewhere to activate our second visa.  Most people in Phuket do a border run in Ranong.  It’s only about four hours north and you can do it all and be home for bed.  I decided, after looking at Ranong, that I didn’t want to go there because I wanted this experience to be an experience and not just a mad dash for the stamp!  Someone suggested Langkawi, and boy oh boy am I glad they did!!  It was a great place to spend a week!  We decided to splurge a bit and made our reservations at Fox Hill Resort.  The reviews were amazing and it looked to have just about everything we needed: rooms, rental car, open space, restaurant, and a pool!  We took a bus from Phuket to Satun where we overnighted and then caught the ferry over to the island.  That was fun, and you can read all about our first stay in a guesthouse!  Upon arrival at the pier in Langkawi, we went through immigration which was far easier than I had expected.  We just waited in line for our passports to be stamped and we were on our way!  Chef Zaid from Fox Hill met us out front and drove us out to the resort. I liked him immediately!  His english is a bit difficult to understand, but his friendliness is unmistakable!  It took us about a half hour and then we were there!

This was our house for the week: Alfah house.  It had two separate bedrooms with en suite baths and an outdoor kitchen area joining the two rooms.



The pool area was really nice and had an open bungalow to lounge in during the day.


The main dining room was an outdoor room where they served the most amazingly simple dishes.  We enjoyed bountiful buffet style breakfasts with eggs, fruit, rice and some kind of local Malay dish as well as coffee 🙂  The dinners were delicious dishes of seafood, rice, fruit and veggies!


Here is the pathway leading up to another of the houses.


And here is the view from the top most point on the resort.  Our house was down below the pool (you can’t see it in this picture).


During our stay here at Fox Hill, Maria, the owner, gave us so many suggestions as to what not to miss!!  We went on a mangrove tour, took a cable car to the top most point, and attempted batik painting and basket weaving….I’ll share that with you soon, but right now we really need to finish packing so we don’t miss the boat back to Phuket!!

I moustache 🙂  But I’ll be back!

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