Dinner and Ice cream

So as we travel we try to find fun and exciting places to eat.  Aside from the local fare, we have found quite a few grill your own restaurants.  On a day out doing our main grocery shopping we decide to treat ourselves to a dining experience in the mall at a place called Sukishi.  Anytime there is an option to cook your own food we are all in!


It was a bit difficult to figure out what to do because no one spoke enough English to understand us.  However, we introduced ourselves to a nice young Australian bloke who gave us the rundown on what to do.  We basically just picked a bunch of stuff off the menu and then proceeded to grill the items and eat them.  There was a wide variety of meat and vegetables and we tried to order the platters that had a little bit of everything.  The only downfall was that the  grill was fairly small and the kids had to take turns using the tongs!







It was all very tasty and we all walked away happy with dinner….but sometimes you just need a little something sweet to top it all off!  The big ice cream place here is Swensen’s.  This is one of those places where I wish I could just eat ice cream all day every day!



Thinking about all this yummy food has made me hungry!!  I think I’m going to have to log off here and go get some grub! (we have a wonderful little place across from our guesthouse that serves the yummiest duck soup!)

2 thoughts on “Dinner and Ice cream”

  1. Hi!
    I am stopping by, thanks to OM (Harsh Reality). What an adventurous life you have. Your kids are so fortunate to be able to explore different cultures and places.
    I’m gonna follow you so I can come back and live vicariously through your travels 😉


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