Peles Castle

One of the other castles we chose to visit while in Romania was Peles Castle.  This particular castle is considered to be the most beautiful castle in all of Europe.

I would have to agree.

It is a stunning combination of stone, wood, terraces and statues.  Our first view upon walking up the winding road to the castle grounds literally took my breath away.

Peles Castle
Peles Castle

It looked just like what you imagined while reading fairy tales as a child.  Across the road was a lovely brook and small waterfall where Carl and I took a picture together.  Normally we just focus the lens on the kids….but this turned out alright!

IMG_4965We stopped for a photo of me with the kids using the castle as the backdrop.  Of course we had to wait a bit for the crowd to thin out as there were many people visiting the grounds that day.

IMG_4970There is a nice little place to have lunch with a view of the castle as well as people walking around selling fresh picked fruit from the local area.   This castle is not only stunning but a valued part of Romania’s history.  It was occupied by King Carol I  when Romania gained its independence in 1877.   Part of what makes this castle unique is that it has no prominent theme for the decor.  It has various influences ranging from Turkish to French.  From what I hear, you never know what you’ll encounter when turning a corner.  We chose not to go in considering the limited time we had to visit this castle during our day out.  We were told that it would take a good two hours to really see the inside.  But it was rather late in the afternoon and we had a three hour car ride back to the apartment.  We were all okay with the decision, feeling quite happy that we were able to wander the hillside road beside the castle and take in the gorgeous views.

IMG_4975I’m sure you all understand why, at this point, Romania is becoming hard to beat as our favorite place! And I’m not even close to being done showing you our favorite parts!!


4 thoughts on “Peles Castle”

  1. I’m totally going to Google this and see if there are photos of the inside. I agree, this is a gorgeous castle, fit for any fairy Princess!


      1. There are tons of interior photos of the palace online. It is really incredible. The inside is certainly not a let down from the beautiful facade! It’s on my bucket list now…


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