Learning to cook

If any of you know my middlest, you know she loooooves pasta.  If given the opportunity to learn to cook fresh pasta in Italy there truly isn’t an option to say no!  We booked our tours online with a company called Florencetown.  We were really happy with the experience and the cost!

It was going to be a long day so we had to start off early.  It was an hours drive into Florence and we were supposed to be there around 10 in the morning.  The tour was supposed to begin with a trip to the central market to buy ingredients and then head to the kitchen in town to begin lessons.  However, we were late.  In case you didn’t know, finding parking in Florence is quite difficult.  This was one time where being late paid off.  Since the regular class, the one we paid for, was so full, they were offering the latecomers a free upgrade to a smaller class that’s held in the country at a true Tuscan estate.  Score 🙂  Annalea was SUPER excited!

Here we are having a snack at the market!


Then we took a drive out to the estate.  It took about forty minutes or so and it was just a stunning drive.  I’m so glad that I wasn’t the one driving so I could stare out the window!

IMG_6356When we got there, we had some appetizers and a few minutes to check out the grounds.  The backyard was simply beautiful.

IMG_6270Donning our aprons and washing up we began preparations for the days work.  On the menu was some homemade tagliatelle, simple ragu, tiramisu, caprese salad, and wine.  Annalea really enjoyed making and decorating her dessert!

IMG_6290Our chef Giuseppe was amazing and let Annalea help with quite a lot.  She was the only child there, and I’m proud to say she was a hit!

IMG_6297While we were letting the sauce simmer we all set out to making some pasta.  I think this was such a great part of the class because everyone got a little messy!

IMG_6313Annalea also enjoyed learning to open wine, and had fun building the caprese salad.

IMG_6320 IMG_6324After getting everything all cooked and ready and the table set, we all sat down to enjoy our freshly prepared Italian lunch.  It was just so good.

IMG_6330After dinner, Chef awarded us all some completion certificates as well as our little recipe books to take home.  Of course, Annalea purchased an apron to take home to commemorate our wonderful day.

IMG_6343I am so glad that Annalea and I got to do this.  It really allowed me the day to reconnect with her and revel in the curious, funny, warm young lady that she is 🙂


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