what did we do in Switzerland?

Well, we ate fondue of course!

IMG_6619Our little cottage in the mountains near Heremence was amazing.  It’s tough sometimes, shopping and reserving places blind.  We have been using Airbnb and have had nothing but success with the places we’ve found through that site.  This was no exception.  We traveled up the mountain, where they don’t believe in guardrails, and drove right on through the little town before realizing that we had passed it!  It was the quaintest little place full of chalets that looked like this….

IMG_6626I almost squealed in excitement!  The keys to our apartment were left at the local diner where no one spoke English!  This is when we realized that maybe having Grace continue on with her French lessons might have been a good idea!  (She has since been taking Spanish, although her love of Paris might see her learning a third language!) However, everyone understands sign language and we muddled through just fine 🙂  The apartment was fully stocked right down to a fondue set!  That made for some fun eating and full tummy’s!

The view from the chalet was just stunning.  It was everything I had dreamed of and a bit more. Carl and I sat outside in the chill evenings, gazing out onto the beautiful mountainside and listening to the gurgles from a small hidden waterfall  🙂  A week here could never be long enough.  This was the view from the street where the car was parked, but we were up on the second floor of the chalet.

IMG_6830On our trip down into town, we were happy to see a well known sight.  The Earth Pyramids of Euseigne.  The are one of Switzerlands most protected geological sights. They are conical monuments leftover from the ice age.

IMG_6585We did a lot of driving and scenery watching.  The views around every bend seemed to be photo worthy!

IMG_6621Even driving down the mountain into town never failed to elicit an oooh or an ahhhh from someone in the car.

IMG_6836The week we spent here was so relaxing, and definitely what we all needed after so much walking and sightseeing in Italy.  That’s not to say that we didn’t go anywhere, but I’ll save those photos for the next post!

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