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Bhubing Palace

There are some things that the kids just aren’t interested in doing…you know, like getting up early and walking in the winter palace gardens.  I, however, was very interested and was overjoyed that Grace said she’d be happy to ”babysit” while I had a morning to myself.  I got up early and headed out.  Of course, I had to stop for a cup of coffee and then grabbed my ride for the day and set off!

IMG_3861Bhubing Palace is the winter residence for the royal family located in Chiang Mai.  The grounds are beautiful and full of gardens and flowers, and the buildings are all very picturesque.

Guest house
Ruen Rab Rong (Royal Guesthouse)


This is Hor Phra which is the royal private shrine housing a Buddha image for royal prayer.


This next one is called Eucalyptus Cottage.  Her Majesty the Queen wanted to study the use of eucalyptus wood in construction and had this house built.


My favorite part was walking in the gardens and seeing the variety of flowers and plants.  Most of them I had never seen before (and still have no idea what they are called!).  In the rose garden the smell was intoxicating…I wish I could create a scratch-n-sniff for you all!!






This one is the water reservoir for use around the palace.  The fountains in the middle are musical and called The Fountain of Celestial Water of People.



I really enjoyed the hour I spent walking around the gardens and the palace grounds.  I’m glad I didn’t miss it!