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Ahhhhh, Paris!

After our amazing and relaxing week in Switzerland, we decided to hit the road, Awesome style, and drive through the French countryside on our way to Paris.  Grace was beyond excited.  This girl has been talking Paris for YEARS!  Way before we even entertained the idea of heading overseas she had dreamed of seeing Paris.  I cannot tell you how gratifying it is, as a parent, to be able to provide and witness my child experiencing a dream come true.

But before we get to the good stuff, I wanted to share with you a few oddities we encountered on our drive 🙂

Shall we begin?

Peanut Butter in a can.  ‘nuf said. IMG_6856

And if that’s not enough for you, why don’t you go ahead and grab a drink on your way out?  It’s beside the Juicy Fruit…IMG_6857 Another thing we encountered was a cow on steroids.  As we were driving this lazy winding road, we slowed down to check out the cows.  At one point, not believing our eyes, we stopped and stared at a cow in a field.  This mother, I kid you not, huffed and stomped at Carl as he was staring at it, it’s Schwarzenegger muscles rippling and flexing.  Yeah.  Lock those doors honey!  Those cows were intimidating!  You think I’m kidding?  Take a look at this article on Belgian Blues. Now tell me you wouldn’t be pressing a bit harder on the gas peddle too!

Not everything our first day was large and intimidating!  Some things created squeals of delight!

IMG_6850And other things made us glance at the speedometer 🙂

IMG_6853After we arrived at our little apartment in town, we hit the streets for some dinner.  Stretching our legs felt great, and coffee with my girl in Paris on day number 1 was something I’ll never forget!