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Living life like a Jimmy Buffet song!

I’m not sure where I saw that…but how cool would that be?!  oh yeah….I think it was a blog I saw somewhere….and I have to admit, since we’ve been tossing around the idea of the Caribbean it seems more and more possible to live life like a Jimmy Buffet song!  As cool as that would be, I don’t think it would happen until next year.  But it’s amazing where your thoughts can take you once you open yourself up to approaching life in a ”why not” frame of mind.  It seems that we do a lot of questioning in our day to day lives….and it’s usually in a manner that requires convincing to do something.  But I’m realizing that what we should really be doing is living our lives a bit more freely and with arms wide open to the experiences God has allowed us to have.  Instead of asking “why?”, ask more “why not?”.  Why shouldn’t we give up our house, buy a camper and live on the open road…..why couldn’t we learn how to sail and live on the open water for a few months?  Why not head to another country for half a year and immerse ourselves in a different culture…..WHY NOT?

Anyway….I got a bit off topic with that line of thought…all that stuff is still in the talking stage…so I’ll keep you posted as the plan progresses.  For now, we are sunning ourselves in Key Largo, waiting for Lauren’s wedding and planning a day trip down to Key West.

Let me back up a little and post a few pics from our time in Myrtle Beach.  I already told you about our fun holiday visitors….but here are a few of the friends we made from Canada 🙂

Ernie and Pat

They were awesome…helped me park, little fixit items from Ernie’s truck ‘o gold, and a keen interest in my children (which is a winner in my book).  Pat brought over a few educational things for the kids including a bird book for Grace which she loves!

Here is a pic of the kids in a tree down by the playground:

kids in a tree

When Daddy came home, from being gone for like 48 days….he brought them one more present….a good, durable, digital camera for each of them (inside a bonafide treasure chest!).  They went nuts….here are a few of the interesting ones taken on our trip down the 95….

Annalea found the fish eye setting!
Typical Sylar self portrait!
Grace's pic of the entry to Pelican Cay

So far we are having a great time.  We made some great new friends at the Pelican Cay campground….Pam and Garry 🙂  I hope we keep them for a while!

Pam and Garry

We got to go shrimping together and ended up catching about 6 dozen 🙂 Then the girls and I went back out and caught another 5 dozen…of course, Pam and I were up until almost 5 a.m.  It’s been a while since I’ve been up that long…and the next day was a waste!  I slept most of the day.  I think I’m getting to old to stay out so long 🙂

The kids found a coconut and convinced Daddy to open it for them….funny how they don’t like coconut or coconut juice from a store…but they couldn’t get enough of the fresh stuff!

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts....

The lady who owns the place, Suzanne, gave the kids some experiences….she let them go up on her scissor jack, showed them how to plant mangrove trees, showed them how to feed the local pelican, and bought them a basketball.  She’s one pretty nice crazy lady 🙂

Suzanne and us at Pelican Cay

So at the moment, we have moved to Riptide RV Park.  We will be here until next week sometime.  I have some more to share, but that’s it for today.  Stay tuned for the next update on the TravellingAwesomes!!  Fish, and our friend Lauren 🙂