Could’ve heard a pin drop

We had to go to the bank the other day, but our bank didn’t have any local chapters where we were.  It was an hour drive to get to the closest one, and when we did, we realized that banks celebrate Columbus Day.  We still don’t know why.  But, we had a very nice half of the round trip out of the way, and decided to grab some lunch.  I’ll talk more about The Downtown Diner later, and try to give a review worthy of it.  The food was amazing.  We were about two bites into our meal, and Annalea and Sylar remembered that we hadn’t said our blessing.  Sy wanted to say it, which doesn’t happen all the time.  Our kids have been experimenting with some ad lib prayers recently.  Mary pointed out that we should give thanks for the cook, who was given credit on the front of the menu.  So this was Sy’s prayer:

Dear God, thank you for this food… and for our family… … … and thank you for the cook, and … I guess that’s it!  Jesus’ name, Amen.

Now, if you know Sylar, and the way he pauses when he’s thinking, you can visualize how cute it was.

We told him that it was a good prayer.  Mary and I both got a bit teary.  But, it wasn’t until he was done, that we realized that just about the whole restaurant had heard his prayer.  It was completely quiet in the whole place.  There was a guy in the booth next to us, who had turned around to watch.  When we raised our heads, he said “yep, that just about covers all of it.”

The manager and the head cook were taking a break at a table near us, and they stopped their conversation to listen.  The waitresses had stopped.

There wasn’t much going on in the restaurant at all for a second or two.

It was a very nice moment, even when Sy realized everyone was watching him, and got a little shy.

Couldn’t pass up sharing that one.

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