I live in my trailer, behind my mom’s house….

I know my hubby already posted about how we answer the “where ya from” question….but it really makes me think about how different we really are from most people. I was at the pharmacy last week filling a prescription and the lady asked for my address. I told her I didn’t have one. I have to interject here that I do in fact have an address, but being that we pay for every bit of mail we get forwarded to us, we just don’t give it out. Anyway, she paused, tilted her head, and said ‘but I need your address’. Funny, I just said I didn’t have one. Asking again won’t make it magically happen! At this point the 3 people in line behind me and the 2 people in the waiting area were obviously listening to our conversation. She was very confused at this point, not knowing how to proceed without the needed information. She asked if I had a post office box…nope. I finally told her I lived out of my travel trailer. You could just feel the haughtiness happen from those eavesdroppers….it was like I magically became less than what I was 3 seconds before. Oh how I longed to tell them about our choice, how much we earn a year, and take them out to see the truck…but really..who gives a rats behind! We decided to do this to remove ourselves from a life built around tangible objects and status. We want to raise our children, and live our lives, treating people based on their merits, not their bank account!

This is only one of the situations I get in to that makes me wonder just how different are we from other families? And then it dawns on me that we are in fact pretty different. In a world where most struggle to fit in, we find ourselves doing the opposite. And why not? We only get one shot at this. One shot at life, one shot at raising our kids, one shot to make a difference…and since we never know when we’ll run into an angel shouldnt we treat everyone as if they are one? For some reason, once we become adults, we let society and our interpretation of realistic-ness (yes I made that up) define what is possible in our lives.

After all…who said we can’t pack it in, buy a trailer, and travel the country with our kids? And even if they did…who cares?!

One thought on “I live in my trailer, behind my mom’s house….”

  1. You tell ’em, sister! I must confess that I am SO envious of the fact that you and your family can tool around the USofA and be together enjoying all God has created! Who cares what “they” think, I think you are awesome!


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