What I Like

Even though we haven’t been very many places, there are a few things and people that we’ve met that are worth mentioning. It’s hard to write a post and toss it up on the blog simply because of my sorry excuse for internet connection. But, I have to say in his defense, that Carl is working on that and hopefully will be fixed on his next trip home!
Anyway, let me start from the beginning! In Cary, there is a coffee shop called Crema Coffee Roaster. Yummy! That about sums it up….no really, it does. It’s a locally owned coffee shop that roasts their own beans and has a ton of fresh beans for you to choose from. When we were packing out the house I made daily trips over to their shop for my morning cup of java…I think Carl was wondering why I packed the coffee pot so early! (it was an excuse to get Crema coffee every day!) Kevin and Regina are the owners and are really what makes this coffee house so warm and inviting. They are wonderful people who know how to make a great latte! They even did some traveling! Regina gave me a ton of book ideas and told me of some places that I needed to see!

Of course, since I am talking about things in Raleigh/Cary that I love there are two very important places, well, people, that I have to mention.

The first one is The Body Mechanic. Otherwise known as Jeff Wooten. Those of you that are close to me know how important he is in my life and how much I really respect and admire him. He is a personal trainer/massage therapist/life coach. And he has become one of my good friends. I found him by fate. Really. When Grace was practicing BJJ and was training for a tournament, we came across Jeff and his student (and now also his coworker) Mary Wire who was also training for the same tourney. We supported each other while there and they also came to support Grace at another tournament. However, this was the one where Grace was injured. Jeff and Mary were right there with me when we got Grace off the mat. Jeff, and his amazing depth of knowledge of the human body (and his purple belt in BJJ) helped me determine the extent of Graces injuries and how to proceed with her medical care. He and Mary’s support of us and their sincere desire to help and encourage had a huge impact on me. At that point, I knew that if my Gracie wanted to practice BJJ, that Jeff was the one I wanted as her teacher. But I think that is another story. To put it shortly, Jeff became my personal trainer and through him I trained and ran a half marathon (13.1 miles), and have become a better and healthier me. He became much more than a trainer. He became a mentor, friend, confidant, and a permanent piece of the puzzle that is my life. If any of you need help in the care of your body then I highly suggest making The Body Mechanic a part of your journey.

Jeff Wooten is also how I met another important person in my life. Dr. Puja Wentworth at The Chiropractic Wellness Studio. She is the most caring, supportive, whole body chiropractor that I have ever had the joy to know. She began helping Grace heal from her injury and ended up not only working on our entire family, but becoming a wonderful friend in the process. Annalea had been battling ear infection after ear infection for almost a year. Come to find out that one of her vertebrae, which was out of place, was preventing her ear from draining properly and creating the prime environment for ear infections….now, with regular adjustments, she doesn’t have ear
infections anymore….and let’s not even get in to the digestive issues we tackled and overcame! She really is a wonderful Doctor who is full of good information and a great heart! Again, if any of you find yourself in need of some physical help, please give her a call….you won’t regret it!

That’s all I have time for today….I have children to educate, errands to run, and dinner to cook. I will try to wrap up the second part of this post soon so you all can see some of the neat people we’ve met!

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