Festival of Lights in Charleston, SC

We are currently at Lake Aire RV Park near Charleston, SC. I’ve had a bit of trouble finding things to do here in Charleston that A: don’t cost an arm and a leg, and B: would keep the kids interests. Well, Charleston does Christmas in style! One thing that I found to do was the local holiday farmers market. As many of you know, I LOVE farmers markets. I love fresh produce and just looking at what the local crafters come up with. Well, we weren’t disappointed. We went downtown, and after finally finding some parking, we walked through the drizzling rain to score some fresh pressed olive oil and fresh veggies. And of course nothing makes a dreary chilly morning better than some hot cocoa and coffee!! The lady didn’t have regular creamer and offered me some coconut milk instead…I think I may be a convert!! It offers the rich creamy addition to my coffee I want without all the sugar!!

On the way back to the truck we stumbled across a cupcake shop. Now if you’ve read any of the older posts, specifically the one where I talk cupcakes, then you know it’s almost a challenge to go try a cupcake and see if they measure up to Caboodle Cupcakes up at Mom’s. Well, they didn’t hold a candle! Caboodle Cupcakes is STILL the best!!

Anyway, we’ve been hanging around the campsite doing school and playing at the playground. It’s pretty nice here and we’ve met some really cool people. We had the opportunity to spend the day with some Australian folks who are at the end of their year long tour of the US. Heather and Barry and their three boys were a blessing for the day. I shared some great experiences, thoughts, ideas and laughter. They have their own blog as well where they have documented their travels. You can find them at: http://www.hendosusaroadtrip2011.blogspot.com/

We also met Bill. Bill was our neighbor for a few days and he felt an immediate kinship due to the fact that we have Texas license plates!! He was pretty great to chat with….we talked trucks, campsites, and dogs 🙂 He was such a great guy that he gave me a list of 3 campgrounds that would be safe for us to stay at while in Miami for Lauren’s wedding (he used to live there). He printed out maps, info for the park, and how to get to the wedding location….this guy went above and beyond and it just proved my thoughts on how rv’ers are a different breed of human than most. I don’t know anyone that would go to those lengths to help someone else out…especially if you’ve just met them!

So yesterday we decided to go to the Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County Park.
We drove through three miles of the most beautiful lights I’ve ever seen! Here’s a few we really liked:

Beginning of the Festival of Lights
driving under the rainbow
snowman family
turtle....Gracie loves turtles!
probly one of my fave's
Noah and the Ark
this one cracked me up....the Weight Watchers display!

After driving we got to park and walk around to see the other displays. One of them was this huge piece of sand art…it was immense!

sand art

Then, of course, you can’t go to Santa’s workshop and not see Santa!! So, we hopped on a train to go to Santa’s platform… We waited in line very patiently and each kid got to sit in Santa’s lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. The only one who was reasonable was Sy!! He said he wanted some army guys….Annalea wanted a horse and Grace wanted a puppy. Dern kids…

train ride...Sy was SO excited!
Sy with Santa
Annalea with Santa
yep...I got Gracie to sit on Santa's lap....

And that’s it! We got in late and everyone…well almost everyone slept in today! I think we are going to go out to a seafood place for dinner and then do our walking tour of Charleston tomorrow.

See ya soon!

3 thoughts on “Festival of Lights in Charleston, SC”

    1. i haven’t!! how are they? i don’t think i got into the cupcake thing until i got to mom’s and found Caboodle…guess when i get back i’ll have to go get one 🙂


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