A little note about laundry

tomorrow is Christmas Eve….you know what I’m doing now?

Making cookies?….nope

singing christmas carols?….uh-uh. 

Wrapping presents?….NO.

I am laying on my bed procrastinating.  The laundry pile has multiplied all on its own…like rabbits.  I only had a sweatshirt dirty yesterday….now my basket runneth over! Where does it all come from?

Wait….I know….I have 3 children who love to run in the sand and roll down the beach!

Yep. The beach. Myrtle Beach to be exact. We have been here a few days and its really been great so far. We have met some great folks (canadians, eh?), been to a potluck, and had an evening walk down the beach.  We have been making cake balls and cookies, singing christmas songs, and getting ready for santa’s visit!  We are a bit sad that Carl won’t be home but as far as the kids go that will result in an extra present when he does get home!

When I get my computer back (we currently have a spongebob marathon going on), I’ll try to get some pics posted of our holiday cheer!

For now….I need to hit the laundry!

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