Amazing(ly) Happy New Year!

can you believe it’s january already? of 2012!!! craziness i tell ya! again, sorry for the delay in posting new pictures. we’ve been busy and busy and more busy….we had a TON of company! first, Puja and Sophia came to visit!! not only was that totally awesome cause we love them, but Puja is also our chiropractor…can you say AHHhhhhhhhhhhh……..

seeing puja makes a happy sylar!

we had some great fun on the beach, in the sun and surf….

embracing life πŸ™‚

we went out to eat, walked the boardwalk, and just generally enjoyed being together. i love puja’s spirit..she’s so warm and just simply joyful. and of course her mini-me is the same but with even more abandon! i always feel so rejuvenated after seeing them…both physically and emotionally πŸ™‚

puja and sy makin faces πŸ™‚
being with Sophia filled up Annalea's heart....
me and the kiddos on the boardwalk

i felt extra special cause i got to share in puja’s new years eve day walk on the beach! we got up super early, made some coffee, and snuck out while the kids were all still sound asleep! it was beautiful. the beach was still untouched and absolutely gorgeous as the sun rose…but as amazing as the scenery was, i was even more grateful for the time and conversation that i got to share with my wonderful friend!

myrtle beach state park sunrise on new years eve day

we were sad to see them go.


for new years our good friends Doug and Andrea Caruolo and their son Greg were here at Myrtle Beach with us. what fun that was!!

happy new year!

but of course, we ALL know why Annalea was so excited….it had something to do with a little, fury, slobbery thing that loves her just as much as she does him….OLIVER!!

Annalea and Oliver

we had a great time with the Caruolo’s…but we always do! they always have a fire going, and this year it went waaaay beyond that. now you have to understand that Doug and Andrea have been camping for a looooong time. they have friends from everywhere and tend to meet up with them at various places throughout the year. this trip to myrtle beach was no exception. we were fortunate to be included in the annual new years eve camping weekend that has been happening here for the past 11 years. we’re talking fire, big screen projector for new years eve/football, lots food, laughing, and shopping excursions! we’ve been on a few of these ”meet up” weekends that they have and have always been welcomed and included. i do think that being exposed to this wonderful family and their friends really fueled our excitement about our own camping adventure. i wish we could have had more time together, and that Carl could have been here…but really, when you are with those you love, there is NEVER enough time πŸ™‚ so i’ll just be super grateful that we DID have the weekend and that we were able to make the memories that we made!

Andrea and Annalea
Doug teaching Sy that boys don't have to go TO the potty to GO potty....
Doug and Sy makin scary faces πŸ™‚
us girls
we love Greg!!! (cause he loves us)

it was very quiet when they left…but the good thing was that we had something to look forward to….


yay! they weren’t able to meet us on new years weekend so they decided to come down this last weekend. that got us through the week! (along with swimming at Joyce and Robert’s in their condo pool)

they got here late on friday and left on sunday afternoon. it really was great to see them. you have to understand that not only was jessica the first friend i made in raleigh, but she quickly became one of those lifetime ones. you know…the ones you meet and just know that they are gonna be around for a good long time. i was lucky when i found her….and to give that luck another cherry, she has a daughter that has the same golden heart and quirky humor (and let’s not mention eye lashes that go on forever)…Genesis. this young lady was our babysitter…she’s got just as many memories of sylar as i do!! she babysat for them 3x a week for almost 3 years and leaving her was one of the harder moments during our departure from the brick and mortar. but, again, leaving has given us some important realizations. not only is Jessica a lifetime kinda friend….so is Gen. She has been placed in a position (i believe by God) to act as a mentor and friend to my children, and she’s been a blessing through and through. they chat, text, and cuddle and love on each other when they can. i simply love having that girl in my life…and i’m grateful for every moment she’s shown my children the love and caring that she does. i could go on and on…but really, i’m getting a bit teary thinking about how much they both mean to us…so let’s get to the pictures…

at Broadway at the Beach
Gen, Grace, Jess with silly hats!
Annalea being silly πŸ™‚

dontcha wish YOU could ride a dinosaur?!

following the leader, the leader, the leader....following the leader wherever she may go!
does it get any better?

we really had a wonderful christmas and new years! even though we missed daddy, we were surrounded by love and laughter. i am extremely thankful for the wonderful friends that the Lord has blessed us with. I hope that you all know that even if we didn’t get to see you and hug you, that we carry each of you in our hearts and prayers as we travel.

until later my friends…

One thought on “Amazing(ly) Happy New Year!”

  1. Loved the pictures! Especially the silly faces (of course)~ I’m so glad you’ve had so much company over Christmas and New Years! And the beach had to have been amazing in the morning like that! S’wonderful stuff~ Thanks for updating and including so many pictures! Praying for your safe journeying (always)~ Lots of love from all of us!


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