Sloooooow internet

I know you all have been on the edge of your seat just waiting for an update from the Travelling Awesomes. And lemme tell ya, we have lots to share! But, sadly, the internets so slow down here in our campsite in Key Largo that I can’t upload photos.  So this post will just be words..I know I know….sorry folks!

We have been here at the Pelican Cay Marina and Campground for 8 days now….for the most part it’s been great. We did the drive from Myrtle Beach in 2 days. That’s the fastest we’ve driven anywhere in the last few months! But being that we were having trouble finding a spot near Miami (for Laurens wedding) once we found an opening for 2 weeks we decided to make a mad dash for it! We figured once we got down here we would work the rest out. On our way down we boondocked at a Sams club and we pulling into our spot by 3 pm. I was really really happy Carl was home for this drive….it’s so much nicer when Daddys home! Anyway, the reviews for this place all focused on one thing: the crazy owner lady. But she seemed fairly nice on the phone and figured we’d give it a go.  Well, let’s just say we are staying through the 1st….but she honestly is a nut
job! LOUD and a bit overbearing…but she’s been awesome with the kids and we figured we can deal with the rest.  Besides, we can fish and shrimp off her pier and the neighbors are cool. There have been a few late night boat parties that have gotten rather loud…but it’s amazing what the AC can drown out! And in answer to your unspoken question: yes, we need the AC on at night. The lows are 75! 

Carl had to head to the Gulf yesterday. Hopefully he’ll be back in a week. He was only home for 12 days…so in the meantime we will be shrimping, doing schoolwork, and moving the camper to a new campground on the 1st. (God does provide!) This one seems a bit more up our alley and the wifi I stronger so the next post will have pics! I wasn’t sure we would be able to find anything but we lucked out big time. 🙂

We really like it here…so much that we have tossed around the idea of renting a boat for a month or two and heading down to the Carribbean…but we are nowhere near a decision on that one. But it would be neat wouldn’t it!

Ok, well, we are getting close to dinnertime. We will have breakfast for dinner since I didn’t make it to the outdoor market for fish! And really, I’m typing this out on my phone and my thumbs are starting to ache!

Until next time. B-)

One thought on “Sloooooow internet”

  1. Wow! Renting a boat?! That would be so cool! I can’t wait to see pictures of your trip down there! I sure hope that Carl gets back on schedule so you guys can have more time together~ 🙂 Thank you for the update, Mary… I sure enjoy reading them! 🙂


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