A Wedding

I know you’ve been waiting.

On the edge of your seat, nail biting, checking the clock every five seconds kinda waiting.

I am finally at the point where I can blog about our entire reason for being in Southern Florida….

Lauren and Jorge’s wedding!!!

I have to say that it was the most beautiful event I have ever been to.  Not that I’ve been to many upscale events, mind you.  But even if I had, THIS would have topped the list.  Though that may simply be because I love the bride to pieces and it was a good chance to get all dressed up and make an impression with my mad horde.  Maybe (wink wink).

I do love weddings for many reasons.  One would be that I love to see people in love.  I love to see them walk down the aisle and have my vision glaze over with hopes and dreams for their happily ever after (my hubby calls them tears….).  I love to get dressed up and see all the other guests in their finest.  I love to take my children (all fancied up with clean faces) and have them make the impressions that they do.  I love to watch my girls as they see a real life Cinderella finally find her Prince Charming.  At weddings, love is in the air 🙂  Even the little ones feel it…at least the little ones chasing Sylar all over the dance floor!!

I tried to get a good picture of Lauren and her Dad walking down the aisle…but I was using Grace’s camera and wasn’t very well versed in how to use it so I flubbed it up.  And I have to say that Lauren looked like a princess from a fairytale.  She was absolutely stunning!  (but I knew she would be!).  As far as pictures went, I had better luck taking a few of Lauren and Jorge at the alter.

I Do
Mr. and Mrs. Caso

The reception was a magnificent affair held at the Coral Gables Country Club in Miami.  We had hor’devours poolside, a beautiful and fancy five course dinner, and of course dancing and mingling til almost midnight.  The kids had a wonderful time!  Sylar ran around like the crazy boy he is and charmed the pants off almost everyone.  Grace enjoyed meeting and hanging out with one of Lauren’s bridesmaids daughters.  And Annalea, my sweet girl, melted everyone’s hearts by hanging out with Lauren’s Grandma and Grandpa.  I have to tell you, there’s a story there.  Last year we hung out with Lauren, Jamey and their Mom for Christmas.  Come to find out, she lives in the same town as my mom, and actually takes her mom (Lauren and Jamey’s Grandma) to the podiatrist that my mom works with.  So, Valerie (Lauren/Jamey’s Mom) called Grandma and talked to her about me….and Grandma said, “would her mother’s name be Susan?”.  All I can say is what a SMALL world we live in.  God had already intertwined our lives with Laurens LONG before we ever met her.  My mother knows HER Grandmother.  So there was an existing link between Annalea and Donna (Grandma).  It really blew the girls’ minds that Laurens Grandma and their Grandma had known each other for years! Anyway, all that to say that Annalea had a pre-existing affinity for Lauren’s Grandma and Grandpa 🙂  And it was very sweet how engaging she was in conversation with both of them.

Annalea with Lauren's Grandma and Grandpa
Valerie (mother of the bride) and me

I really just love my kids.  They are simply the BEST!

Grace went a little loco with the pictures….but it’s nice to have them all!  When we finally got a chance to say hello to the bride and groom, Sylar threw us all for a loop by hugging Jorge but not Lauren!  I guess that means that he’s earned the seal of acceptance!  I did get a great picture of them with the kiddos (which Grace said we should frame!).

Jorge, Lauren, Grace, Annalea and Sy

Here’s a few others that we took that warranted making the blog!

cutting the cake
Annalea and Jamey (Lauren's sister and maid of honor)
Me with the beautiful bride!

The party wound down by midnight and then we had an hour plus drive back down to Key Largo.  I was SO tired but very thankful that we got to spend Lauren’s big night with her 🙂

Needless to say, we slept in the next day.  And then we decided to head out for brunch.  We found some amazing reviews of Doc’s Diner This place deserves a post of it’s own.  So keep your eyes open for the next post!  You won’t wanna miss it!!

One thought on “A Wedding”

  1. What a beautiful bride, wedding, and couple! 🙂 Looks like an amazing time! You look *fabulous* Mary! The kids all look soooo grown up! Congratulations to the new married couple~


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