Doc’s Diner

I could just give you a website, like this one:

I could tell you to just go there.

But that wouldn’t really be an interesting blog post would it?

So, let me start by reminding you that we got home very late from Lauren’s wedding and I woke up the next morning in the mood to have someone else cook breakfast and do dishes.  Since hubby wasn’t home, momelettes weren’t on the menu.  So that left me with one option.  Eating out.

The question was where to go….hmmmm…..

Yelp to the rescue! And the answer was obvious.  Doc’s Diner was THE place for an eggcellent brunch! (or breakfast or lunch…but they are only open until 2 so decide quick!)

So, I mapped it out and realized that it was possible to walk there.  It was going to be about 2 miles each way.  I figured the walk would make up for the feast that I was about to allow us all to have.  And a little exercise never hurt anyone, right?!  Well, whoever said that wasn’t walking with a 4 year old who has exactly 2 speeds.

runreallyfastsowecangettherebutdontforgettojumpandyellandhopandplay  – or – m o m m y   c a r r y   m e   p l e a s e!

Really though, Sy did great all the way there.  Here’s a pic of us taking the hike TO breakfast…

Walking to Doc's for breakfast in Key Largo

Now, I’m sure you can imagine the hungry, tired children that arrived at Doc’s Diner.  We were ALL ready for some grub!

Front of Doc's Diner

However,it was Sunday at brunch time, so there was a little bit of a wait.  But I guess we looked pretty starving because a nice couple gave up their booth so we could sit down 🙂  If you’ve had a chance to check out Doc’s website, you’ll see that we had a very hard time choosing what to order.  We did start with some coffee which rivaled any regular cup of joe I’ve had anywhere else!  Then we settled on an egg sandwich for Annalea, chicken fried steak and eggs for Grace, and I had a cornucopia of breakfast items: eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and hashbrown casserole.  Sy went with a classic fave: a hot dog and fries!  I don’t think there was anything that wasn’t simply outstanding.  Really, even Sy’s hotdog was ridiculously tasty!  The pancakes were out of this world!  I almost didn’t put syrup on them they were so good…almost! And I have to tell ya, Annalea, aka the girl who won’t eat hash browns, at ALL of the hashbrown casserole.  I was lucky I got to sneak in a taste-and even then I almost lost a finger! I wish I would have taken a picture of the food…but we were too excited to dig in to wait for me to pull out the camera! After we finished stuffing ourselves we chatted with Doc for a bit and he told us he had some really yummy mac n cheese sitting in the fridge…so we ordered a few hot dogs and mac and cheese to take home for dinner!  Good food and no cooking for momma…I’d say that’s a win-win situation right there!  Doc even threw in a slice of his Key Lime Pie and a huge cookie for the kiddos.  Here’s a pic of Annalea with Doc before we left on our trek home:

Annalea with Doc

I really can’t say enough good things about this place.  It’s clean, friendly, and the food is amazing.  If it tells you anything, I stopped and picked up breakfast before we left Key Largo so Carl could try some of it after we grabbed him from the airport! (Thanks for the coffee, Gina!)  If we ever make it back down to the Keys you can bet you’ll find me there every morning!  And if you live anywhere close, it’s definitely worth a trip down!

The walk back to the camper was slow but good…we were about half way there when I realized that the Key Largo Chocolates shop was across the street.  Now, a few days back we went to the Key Largo Seafood festival and I passed a booth that had Key Lime Cupcakes.  I was in the middle of the no sugar challenge so I had to pass.  But hey!  Not today!  And since I seem to be on a personal mission to taste every cupcake we find, to see if they can hold a candle to Caboodle Cupcakes, I just had to stop in and grab one. If you missed my ravings about that place you can read it here.   The kids picked out a little chocolate each, and I grabbed two of their Key Lime Pie cupcakes to take home.

Key Lime Pie Cupcake

In all honesty here folks, it was good.  Was it Caboodle good?

No Way.  (i think i’m biased)

The closer we got to home, the more tired Sy got.  Here is how he ended up going the last half mile:

what a great big sister!

So, after 4 miles, a large brunch, and a little bit of complaining, we ended up at home watching movies for the afternoon.  It was a great day!

big smiles and full bellies!

And our take home, re-heat dinner from Doc’s was great too!!

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