*gasp* (yes, we skipped Disney World)

So, we were in Orlando for about a week, and NO, we didn’t go to Disney.  Not really.

The main reason we went was so we could spend the day with some friends that we’ve missed so much!  Josh and Melissa and their brood were vacationing at Disney and the timing just worked out so perfectly!  We were due to leave the Keys about a day before they were heading home so we decided to cut out early and swing up there to see them!  I have to say that it was a huge band aid for the girls especially.  They’ve been missing their friends and it just so happens that Josh and Melissa have 2 daughters that are very good friends with my girls….I’m not exactly sure how to label Sy and Lorelei’s relationship….they were either running together or playing together, alone….weird.  But if any of you have children under the age of five then you’ll understand the complexity of the definition of “friendship” at that age.  It’s highly amusing 🙂  Annalea and Neleh on the other hand were joined at the hip…and the hand…taking pictures and really enjoying seeing each other.  It worked out perfectly too.  Grace went to Universal with Josh, Alyssa and Garrett (and Inez and her kids, too) while Sy, Annalea and I spent the afternoon with Melissa, Neleh and Lorelei. I’m not sure what they did (except ride roller coasters and drink butterbeer) but we walked around downtown Disney, went swimming, and had some great catch up time.

It seems, though, that when push comes to shove, or at least pocket space comes to, well, documenting memories, Momma is the only one who comes through!  So, here are a few pics of our day that actually made it onto the memory card!  We stopped at the Lego store…..Sylar was very excited to be able to build his own lego guys! Plus we found Buzz made out of Lego’s!

building legos is very serious business


Here the girls were pirates on our boat ride from Downtown Disney to Melissa’s vacation diggs!

argh! pirates!

We went out for dinner….here are two crab leg lovers!


After dinner we managed to get a staff member to take a picture of all of us….and I think we managed to get all of us looking at the camera at the same time!!

Here is Grace with Alyssa


The kids have really missed Josh.  He was the one who baptized Grace and started them all on their journey to a loving relationship with God.  He does and always will have a very special place in my childrens hearts.

And even though she’ll probably wanna shoot me for it…here is a pic of Melissa and myself after dinner.  I really was great to see them and spend time with them!

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