The name of the game!

Well, you guys certainly were no help at all!!  However, one lady (Heather) commented on the Help! post with a cute comment….

Awww – some family is lost!

I thought that was great! So, I am going to use it as the byline for the name of the game:

WATA? (Where Are The Awesomes?)—Awww-some family is lost.  Can you find us?

So, our first game will be posted tonight!!  Make sure you get email notifications so you can respond as soon as you figure out the answer!  The first person to answer correctly in the comments ON THE BLOG will be the winner of the first ever Awesome Postcard Prize!!  If you are the winner, you will be contacted by your email (which I only have if you receive email notifications) to get your mailing address!

Goodluck y’all!




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