The first WATA? Game on!

Ok folks. Here we go….

Post your guess in the comment section of the blog to be eligible for the prize!

Clues to the Awesomes current location:

1.  The end of our rainbow
2.  This room has its own zipcode
3.  Within a two hour drive of the fourth largest incorporated city in the US


10 thoughts on “The first WATA? Game on!”

  1. I keep leaning towards the Gulf Coast… I like the names of these locations: Blessings and Point Comfort. if you aren’t at either of those locations you should so go just to say you’ve been to both 😉 lol.. all I know is you are close enough to a certain city where a certain person lives that if Carl happened to have a shot gun handy I could supply an address… just sayin’. xoxox


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