We have a winner!

So, friends, our first WATA contest is now closed and we are ready to announce our first ever WW (WATA Winner).

Drumroll please…………..The winner is:

Josh Dowdy!

Yay, Josh…great job!

We did have some entries that said “Livingston, TX”, and the RV club that we joined was started in Livingston TX, but while we really wanted to be able to accept that answer, we pointed out that where we were had “a room with it’s own zip code”.  The Escapee’s home park is called Rainbow’s End RV Park, which is where we get our paper mail delivered to.  The Escapee’s mail room handles so much mail, that the US Postal Service gave them their own zip code!

We’re spending a bit of time here, getting all of our legal loose ends tidied up.  We’ve been claiming Texas on our taxes for almost a year, and have all our vehicles registered in Texas, and now we both have Texas driver’s licenses!

This week, we’re getting our passports taken care of, and in the meantime, we’re planning on visiting the museums in Houston, which we’ve heard are pretty spectacular!

Congratulations Josh, we’ll have your prize in the mail very soon!

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