Vegas (need I say more?)

So, if any of you readers have known us for any length of time, you know that Vegas holds no attraction to us at all.  We don’t drink, gamble, watch live shows, or even really stay up late.  We are very family oriented and tend to gravitate towards locations that promote family values and entertainment.  Basically if the kids can’t go, neither do we.

While in the Grand Canyon, it came to light that my very dear and most wonderful bestie, Jessica, would be in Vegas for her cousins wedding!  And me, being the ultra travel and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-chic that I try to be decided to surprise her with a visit!!  It was a grand total of 30 minutes out of our way to swing by….so off we went!!

At a roadside view area
the awesome kiddos!

It was hard figuring out the timing because even though they were there for around 5 days, they had a lot of things planned.  I eventually caught up with her the day after the wedding and had the opportunity to hang out with her, Kristy (the brides sister) and Kristy’s mom, dad and stepmom!!  We spent the day walking around Vegas and doing the typical sightseeing and ogling of all that is shiny and big!

Me and Jessica

We saw the major casinos in all their glory and opulence…..took a trip to the Eiffel Tower….

Met a celebrity…(he was kinda stiff tho…)

and just generally had a wonderful time hanging out together!

Jessica, Nan, Kristy, and me!

We were able to go out to dinner together and the kids really enjoyed being able to monopolize Jessica for a while….they really missed her!

Jessica with the kids 🙂

Then, on Jessica’s last day, we walked down Freemont Street…some of us with a better view than others….

Sy catchin a ride on Daddy

Freemont Street is like a mini Vegas strip with all kinds of vendors, casinos and restaurants.  The ceiling was even a show!

ceiling show on Freemont

And we ended up doing this….

Jessica’s first tattoo!

At that point, Carl and the kids had left Jessica and I to our own devices and we ended up going to the hotel bar with Kristy and the Bride for some late night ladies only dancing!  We had such a blast!!  We were out so late that Carl and I ended up taking Jessica to the airport to catch her flight home 🙂

I really had a great time.  It’s not often that I get kids free time and I really appreciate my hubby being my personal chauffeur and handling the kids all on his own.  He was totally awesome (even with the 3 am come get me call!).  Being able to see Jess and get to know Kristy a bit more was an opportunity that I’m glad I didn’t pass up!  I think we’ll remember this trip for a looong time!

But I think that Vegas once every ten years is enough for me!!  Maybe next girly trip should be a cruise to the Bahamas or something like that!!  (and the boys could be invited too, Kristy!!)

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