A Mountain Halloween

So as we were driving around after Hawaii the biggest concern was where to spend the next big holiday….Halloween.  Now as many of you moms and dads know, it’s scary enough going door to door in your own neighborhood let alone trying to do it in a town where you don’t know anyone.  As I searched online for friendly places to trick or treat I was getting nowhere fast.  Do any of you know how hard it its to find a safe, welcoming, small town kinda place to spend a holiday?  Well, don’t go looking because I’m telling you that you’ll be looking for days.  We ended up finding a town that looked promising but when we got there we realized it was just going to be too cold for the camper.  So, Daddy made the executive decision that we were just going to high tail it to the Grandparents house in the Colorado mountains.  The two days preceding Halloween were spent in the truck heading to 8 thousand feet.

It was totally worth it.

We haven’t been to see the Grandparents for almost two years.  And we were told many times that our visit had been a long time coming.  We found a campsite that was going to be closing during the week that we wanted to stay, but the owner was sweet enough to let us stay there anyway.  It was a beautiful little place called Mountain View RV Resort. The place was super easy to get in and out of, the sites were wide and extremely level, and the view was superb.  The bonus was that it was close to Canon City and only about a half hour from the Grandparents house.  They owner was nice enough to put aside the chocks that I forgot there so we could pick them up on our next trip through 🙂 Here’s some pics that show the lovely vista…




Another challenge was in regards to the costumes the kids wanted.  I was not about to spend a bazillion bucks on something that we don’t have room to store….so during our two day pedal to the metal drive, we stopped at a resale shop and were rewarded with two out of three costumes found for a grand price of eight buckaroos!  The third was purchased from the store but it was an easy one to get.  Here they are in all their glory:





The town that the Grandparents live in had a great Halloween event going on.  From about four to six all the kids go down to the main street where the businesses would hand out candy as the kids went door to door.  And it was the good candy too!  It was long enough to make the kids happy, and short enough for the parents too 🙂  Plus it was nice that the Grandparents knew everyone!

We don’t have many pictures of Grandma and Grandpa with the kids so here is the most recent one….and no, Grandpa never smiles in pictures!


One of the other benefits and joys of visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house are all the pets.  Three horses, three dogs, and a calf called T-Bone (yeah yeah yeah).





Another things that happens when we visit is that the kids get to head to the bowling alley and watch the leagues bowl….which really means that Grandma and Grandpa give them quarters for the games and buy them ice cream…


I honestly don’t know why it takes us so long to head up there.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful and we always have such a wonderful time up the mountain.  Our plans for the spring include another trip up the hill….just as soon as the weather breaks!!

Hopefully, the kids will be this worn out again!



One thought on “A Mountain Halloween”

  1. That was awesome!! The kids have gotten so big and it looks like they had a great time! Colorado sure is beautiful! That’s for sharing your Halloween with us!


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