Sightseeing San Antonio

When we were in San Antonio I knew that there were a few things that I didn’t want to miss.  So, during our week there, we scheduled out the things we wanted to do and dedicated a day to seeing the Missions.  One of the great things about the campground we were at was the proximity to the River Reach Hike and Bike trail.  It is a paved path that winds along the San Antonio River and, if you’re game, can provide a unique way to see all four Missions.  The entry point to the trail was literally right outside the rv park gates.


It was such a pretty walk.  The pathway was nice and wide and wound its way right alongside the river allowing us a great vista full of flowers and birds.




Seeing all four Missions require a 16 mile hike or ride….since littler legs have the final say in how far we can go, we opted to just see Mission Concepcion.


this one just cracks me up!
this one just cracks me up!


It was dedicated in 1755 making it the oldest unrestored church in America.  It took 20 years to build, and since it was build on bedrock, the integrity of the structure as a whole has lasted for an incredible amount of time.  Sadly, that can’t be said for the amazingly colorful frescos that once adorned this amazing building.  The exterior paintings have long since faded and worn away, but there are rooms inside that still show the colorful designs that once decorated this beautiful stone church.








We enjoyed our walk around the church and its grounds.  It was really beautiful.  One of the things we realized is that we have gotten used to larger doorways!


After our sightseeing we walked back the same way we came out and were treated to even more lovely sights this time.



That took most of our day.  We even printed out the history of the Missions to read while we were walking on the trail and learned that this Mission was the location of the first battle in the Texas Revolution.  I’d say it was a very successful schooling/exercising/fun having kinda day 🙂  This is a prime example of why I love roadschooling so much.  I think the kids got way more out of seeing history instead of only reading about it!

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