Celebrating a life.

So it came to my attention, by a certain someone (ahem, Grace!) that I had not yet posted her birthday pictures.  So, that is what this post will be about.  We celebrated a huge milestone in my eldest’s life on April 4th.  She officially became a teen.  The big 1-3.  Yep.  I am the mother of a teenager.  Man oh man….does that make me old??

Grace requested that we stay with Mariah at Rainbow Hearth for her birthday celebration.  The happy couple that had just gotten married (my good friends Puja and John) were still planning on being there along with their daughter Sophia.  The joy and happiness that began with the celebration of the joining of their lives continued on in the celebration of my beautiful Grace.  And we had a lovely Easter Day in between!  Here are the eggs we colored for the Easter Bunny to hide! (I wonder if he has an Australian accent?)


Here’s my kiddos, still sleepy, finding goodies in their baskets!


After baskets and breakfast, we headed over to Mariah’s to hunt eggs and hang out!  They had a good time searching for all the eggs in the courtyard!



And Mariah walked around checking that they didn’t miss any like we almost did last year!  (we forgot to count them this year!)


Grace’s birthday was later that week and here is a shot of what was playing on the radio at the exact moment she was born…and a picture of her beautiful smile as I sang her happy birthday!



The next morning (cause she’s been a night owl since birth) we walked over to the clubhouse for breakfast.


And then headed over to Rainbow Hearth.  John and Puja jumped in and made a wonderful birthday dinner for her.  John made an amazing sun dried tomato and goat cheese stuffed chicken, and Puja whipped up some mashed cauliflower along with a lovely garden salad from Mariah’s personal stock of sprouts.  Here’s John and Puja in the kitchen!


Here is our table set up….


And here is the cake she requested I make….gluten/sugar free with chocolate icing!



Opening a present with the kiddos anxiously watching!



It was a fun night full of presents, cake, nasty flavored jelly beans, and love.  lots and lots of love.

We left the next day…..here are a few going away pictures of all of us with all of them.  We sure do miss their faces!


fun with picture frames! (and funny glasses!)


John, Sophia, Puja, Annalea, Grace, Mariah, Mary, Sylar and Sunny  🙂


Puja and I kissing Mom!

Grace and Sophia
Grace and Sophia
Hitting the road
Hitting the road


So long guys!!  We’ll miss you!

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