Fun in Kentucky

So it’s been a while, and I’m sorry for that.  I hope none of you thought we had met with an unfortunate demise by finding the edge of the earth and falling off!  We have actually been busting our tushies here for the last few weeks in KY trying to find the most Awesome spot to call home.  Not that we’re stopping our travels…that is the furthest thing from the truth.  We have just decided to hedge our bets and buy some property so we can have a post to hang our hat on if the need ever presents itself.  Carl has been working almost nonstop the last few months.  While that’s good for the ol’ bank account, it’s not so great for things that we need to do together.  So, while he’s been gone, the kids and I are putting some more miles on TAFV (our truck), cruising the roads in northeastern KY looking at land for sale.  I think we might have found it….we are putting in a bid this week, and hopefully they will choose us and not the other person!!  Anyway, the property is the closest we have found to what we had imagined.  Private. Secluded.  Lots of land. Trees.  It even has 4-wheeler paths throughout made by the loggers that had done some work earlier this year.  We’d have our work cut our for us, but there’s something to be said about working your own land, building your own home, and obtaining a true feeling of connectedness to that which you claim as your own.  I was resisting the idea initially, but as I was able to look passed the work it would take to move raw land into a lot and a home, I was able to see the possibilities that this particular piece of property offered.  I am getting quite excited.  But, since we aren’t done traveling yet, it’s still some time away.

On the traveling front, we have some news.  Sadly, I am not at liberty to share those things yet, but don’t cry!  I’ll share soon, promise!  (don’t worry, it’s AWESOME!)

So, we’ve also done a few things for fun here in KY.  We can’t make it on all work and no play.  That makes the Awesomes very dull!  We’ve been swimming, hiking, playing with kids that are in the campground, and visiting some farms in the area.




We have seen some very beautiful country on our drives, and had a great time at Evan’s Orchard.







If you can’t tell from the pictures, the baby goats (kids) we our favorites! They were ridiculously cute.  And they liked to be pet and give some licks to return the love 🙂 We also picked some blueberries while we were there, but for some reason I didn’t take any photos of that!  The farm also offers apples but they won’t be ready for another month or two.  We shopped in their store getting some farm fresh tomatoes and cucumbers to take home.  All the kids kept talking about was how we needed to get goats, and cows, and plant apple trees and blueberries….and get some big tires so we could have hamster races!

We have been going going going and we aren’t close to being done.  Grace will be flying out to Texas to visit and work with our friend Mariah who owns Rainbow Hearth. She has been incredibly generous in letting Grace come out for some R&R while getting some work experience too.  Grace is crazy excited about going.  We have lots of things to do before she leaves so we’ll be heading back up to Terre Haute to finish packing her out (hiking boots to test out as well as her pack).  The other two and I will hang out with my Mom catching up on some fishing and campfires 🙂

I have more news, I’ll try to post some of it soon!!

IMAG1386See ya soon!

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