sometimes it just rains

Hey guys.  Wow.  It’s been crazy.  So crazy that i’m just going to stop using capital letters because i’m that tired!  we’ve had a super busy couple of weeks, but the last few days/week has been just beyond that.  we are now in indiana!  we came here after looking at property down in kentucky…which didn’t work out as planned.  we had found a lot we liked, but had a hard time finding financing.  the banks that we tried just aren’t lending for property that is just going to sit for a year or more.  we were told that if we were going to begin building on it then we could have gotten a loan.  but we aren’t looking to build just yet.  we decided that after three banks, maybe God is telling us ”just not yet”.   our plan now has become focused on the next step….are you ready?  i know you’ve been seeing/reading me dropping hints about what exactly that next step is….well, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer 🙂  hehehe…..soon….soon….i promise.

anywho….after making the decision to stop looking, we headed up here to my mom’s and park our camper at the lake.  the next big thing was my gracie-girl heading off to Mariah’s in texas all by her little lonesome.  yeah….wow…how the heck did she get so derned grown!!!


she’s flown before, just never as as adult ticket and never through an airport as large as DFW!!  but, as i knew she would, she handled it with ease and arrived at Rainbow Hearth safe and sound.  right now, she’s probably enjoying some of Mariah’s special love grown salad greens!

without Grace, it feels quite empty.  but i certainly wasn’t lonely with my Sylar and Annalea keeping me company….and they bring their own form of entertainment!  I found a tick on Sy’s head on Tuesday.  After removal, a day full of various aches and pains, a trip to the clinic, some antibiotics, MORE symptoms, we landed in Riley Childrens Hosptal in Indianapolis on Friday.  Poor boy was pretty sick with various aches and pains and high fever with swollen lymph nodes.  did you know that there are lymph nodes on the back of your head?  yeah.  we were worried about various tick illnesses and the dr we saw here in Terre Haute suggested we go up there because they had a great infectious disease ward.  after lots of tests that sylar trooped through like a champ, it was decided that he’d be treated for a bite site infection and given some antibiotics.  we are going to watch him closely this weekend and if he’s improving by sunday we’ll be good to go.

it was a rough and long day that i feel certain that God helped us through.  He even brought Daddy home!


Sy ended up being released late in the evening with a patch on his noggin and feeling a bit better!  we’d love to tell the nurse that was assigned to us (and darnit if i can’t remember her name and it’s buggin me) along with Dr. Ben another heartfelt thanks for taking such good care of Sy.  I love dealing with medical folks who don’t just give me pat answers and shove us out the door.  The folks there at Riley Childrens ER were definitely top notch!

here is sy’s patch with numbing cream for the ride home 🙂


so today, daddy’s home, grace is gone, and we’re gonna go to the dollar theater and watch Epic.  i am so very relieved to have all my loves happy and healthy.  grace will be home this week, and then my heart will be complete!

i’m going to get outta here.  my coffee is gone and i have a few errands to run before heading to the movies.  have a wonderful day you all….and squeeze each other a good one!

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