Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime

So it’s been busy busy busy….we’ve been making our way across the country on our final hurrah to visit the family before heading out for sights unseen.  So from here on out, each post will be a mix of what’s current and those things I’ve forgotten that I wanted to share.

We spent quite a bit of the summer up in Indiana visiting my Mom and my brother and his kiddos.  (one of those posts that will happen once i find the hard drive that took off with my photos!)  It was a great way to spend the warm months!  Camping, s’mores, swimming and fishing.  It always makes me happy to see my kids and my brothers kids getting along so well.  I am glad each and every time that we have made the time to stop and visit.  I have high hopes for close family gatherings in the future 🙂 My brother and I were the only kids in our family so our ”reunions” consisted of a few uncles and their current girlfriends, a grandmother, and ourselves.  Nothing big or fancy…not that it was bad mind you…I have very fond memories of one uncle being ”Mr. Camera”, sitting on the sofa with my other uncle reading the Sunday comics, and various Christmas and Turkey Day festivities.  Looking back, it really was quite lovely.  I have to say that my brother and I had it good. (especially when Grandma would rub our feet while watching tv)  But remembering what we had, seeing how my brother and I try to give that to our kids, and then being able to witness the friendships that are forming between our children gives us the warm fuzzies when we get together.  Anyway, all of that to say that the summer passed in a blur of fun and happiness.  Of course leaving isn’t ever fun…especially after being in one place for a long period of time….and extra especially when that place has grandma in it!

After Grandma’s, we headed down to North Carolina….again, the drive that has those photos on it has just gotten up and walked away….my camper, like my mind right now, is a huge mess and once I find it, the drive, not my mind, I’ll post some pics of our visit there 🙂

For now, we’ll move in to Colorado cause I HAVE those pictures!

We barreled our way into Colorado after a few rough days on the road and decided to hit up Aunt Tracy and the boys while we were in Denver.  Or more specifically, we stopped IN Denver to visit Aunt Tracy and the boys!  We hadn’t seen them in YEARS.  I mean really….like Colton was little (not 17 and basically a grown man) and Braiden was taking baths with Grace….yeah…she’ll want to smack me for that one! (Good thing she’s knows not to!)  Colton and Braiden blew us out of the water….we were so impressed at the men they were becoming….so full of generosity and kindness with a touch of humor and mixed with some good ‘ol southern boy (or is it mountain man?).  We love them because they’re our nephews….but we found that we honestly LIKE who they are becoming.

To put it all simply, it was AWESOME.  We spent a long weekend and it was full of Chef Colton’s grilled steaks, playing Uno with the family, watching B kill it on the football field, and lots of hugs and laughter.  Oh, and Casa Bonita. If you live in Denver, you need to go.  It’s the most American Mexican food you’ll ever eat, but it’s full of cliff divers, games, and lots of noise.  It’s definitely an experience!



We also went fishin with cousin Colton (and a few others!)  He helped Sy reel in a trout!  And then taught them how to clean them in the front yard!

IMAG2162 IMAG2186

Here’s one of the kids with Aunt Tracy….

IMAG2237Colton, Carl, Braiden and Sy


Then we did a little driving through the mountains….


And ended up at the grandparents so we could get a little of this….


And of course this too….






We spent a week up in the mountains visiting (and eating) and then took off for San Diego.  We saw some more beautiful sights on the way….but dernit if I can’t find those photos either.  I guess this means that I need to get off here and get some organizing done!  I think I might just go ahead and pick up a few boxes so I can get some things cleaned up and ready to get stored…because we only have 37 days to go!!!!

oh boy….


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