Kristy at Buju Tattoo

For those of you that don’t know, I have a pro-tattoo attitude for the adult crowd.  I am on the fence for getting them right when you turn 18….some kids are ready and some are not.  I most certainly was NOT ready for a permanent reminder of my temporary insanity some years ago….but now, as I am in my mid-thirties, I find myself in a position where I want to fix the ones I don’t like and am making plans for a grander one once we return from our travels abroad.  I have come to realize that I am finally in a place where I feel like my skin is my own, and I want permanent reminders of my life on display.  The tokens on my personal canvas are expressions of my life from my own point of view.  I am a firm believer of working with your artist to create a one of a kind piece of personal expression instead of picking a picture from a book.  (not that it’s bad…it’s just not for me)  If you remember, a few months back I was in Las Vegas for a few crazy days with my friend Jessica.  I know they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….they meant everything except a tattoo, because that has to come home with you! But unlike a new skirt or a haircut, there really isn’t any fixing it if you don’t like it a few days later.

Enter, Buju Tattoo.  I ended up in San Diego for the summer with a tattoo that I just wasn’t crazy about and wound up finding this amazing shop run by a fabulous artist with an in house tattoo therapy dog named Buju!  You can imagine my surprise when I strolled in and found out that the shop was full of women!! It was definitely an eclectic take on the whole parlor mentality, chock full of art, plants, color and light.  I loved it immediately.  But apparently so do a lot of people, they were booked solid for weeks!  However, they were having a guest artist, Kristy Nadine, in from Denver (bonus!) and I could book a slot with her….I checked out her work, liked it and said yes.

I haven’t ever regretted that decision.  Kristy is an amazing artist with a very sweet and even presence.  I immediately liked her which is a big deal for me.  I couldn’t imagine letting someone I don’t feel connected with leave their mark, their essence, in my skin.  I found working with her quite easy.  She was, for lack of a better word, perfect for me.  She has a great manner, an easy confidence with her abilities and creativity, and able to ”get” what I wanted, almost without me knowing exactly what that was.  I emailed her some pictures I liked and let her take it from there.  I loved the results.  I knew that I wanted her to do the coverup for a piece that I had done in my early 20’s on the spur of the moment….I had moved on from the reason I had gotten it, grown with my experiences, and wanted something pertinent to my life’s direction now to take it’s place.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, we were in San Diego again for a two week visit and low and behold Kristy had moved and become a permanent fixture at Buju!!  I was so excited that she was able to fit me in.  Seriously…these women book out months in advance, so I really WAS excited!  We spent the first appointment doing some doodling and trying to figure out how to cover this….

old tattoo
old tattoo

After trying to make something work that was looking like it wasn’t, we stopped trying to force it and just started talking.  She asked me some leading questions and as we chatted she doodled on a piece of paper what I am now proud to wear on my arm.  Like I said…she’s amazing.

Here’s a few pictures I took to commemorate the occasion.

front of the shop
front of the shop


halfway done
halfway done


Kristy working hard
Kristy working hard


final product
final product


I am seriously one happy camper.  I have come to find that what works well for me with Kristy (maybe not everyone…just talking about me here!) is for me to give her an idea of what I want and let her run with it.  She’s batting a thousand after all 🙂

I highly recommend any of the women at Buju Tattoo….they are all such an easy going talented bunch of ladies that are painting the world in vibrant colors of art and personal expression.  I fully expect to be visiting Kristy again once we come back….I’ll be giving her an arsenal of my own experiences and I’m sure I’ll love what she comes up with!

happy happy :)
happy happy 🙂






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