I am so sorry that I haven’t been sharing with you all what’s been going on.  We are currently camped out in northern california in a spot with terrible internet and cell service.  (it seems to have been that way for a number of months now!) 

but….the final countdown is ongoing!!  as of today we have exactly TEN days until Thailand! 

our days have been filled with packing, shopping, visiting, gathering homeschool information, reformatting files, sending mail and on and on.  it’s absolutely crazy how much we have to do to prepare to leave the country!  and on top of all the organizing we have to fit in doctors and dentist and immunizations (which no one was especially happy with!).

and did i tell you that carl was at work?  yeah…he comes home tomorrow…just in time to help catch the pieces that are crumbling around me!! 

i hope to be able to sit down in the next few days and fill you all in on the current events….so stay tuned!

One thought on “craziness”

  1. I’m not enjoying the lack of internet and cell coverage. Been pretty low and down since ya left. Missing you always and for some reason just a little extra since you are leaving for Thailand so soon.


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