So we finally made it out of our hotel room yesterday! we have been hanging around the grounds here at Asoke Residence and just kind of waiting for the jet lag to be over and done. oh…and we’re getting sick…yeah…that too. sheesh. it started with sy the other day having a sore throat and a fever. the sore throat is over on day three and the fever was weird….it reared its ugly head three times. each time it shot up over a hundred and we would dope it into submission. we spoke to the manager here and he said it’s going around town. his son keeps bringing it home from school! carl and i have sore throats that started up in the nasopharynx (the part that’s between your nose and your throat) and worked its way down and bringing with it a general yucky feeling. my heads a little clogged too…i hope it’s just a virus and we’ll be over it in a day or two. the good news is that if it’s not we should be able to get our hands on some antibiotics over the counter (after calling our doc of course!)

Grace and i headed out yesterday morning for a grocery run and hoping to find a little sweet for carls birthday.(which we did once we found a sweet bakery down the street)

i was completely overwhelmed. seriously. (i know, you’re shocked, eh?!) the traffic is absolutely nuts, people are everywhere, and everything is in Thai!! so of course I couldn’t read a dern thing. the grocery store was the worst. grace and i chose things based on the picture on the box….so far we’ve done ok!

but anyway, here are a few pics of what we saw….this is a dedication to the king who’s birthday was celebrated on dec 5.


we walked down a street that was lined with vendors selling everything from food to clothes….


there are a lot of beggars too….though this is a new one for me.




do you notice anything different about the rice krispies guys?


pretty christmas tree…


we’ve been doing ok and are very excited to be here….but we are taking it easy and hoping to get over this yuck soon so we can move on. we are thinking about staying down in Hua Hin for a month and then maybe moving on to Phuket.  but don’t worry…we’ll keep you posted!

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