Asoke Residence Review

I have been so impressed with our stay here at the Asoke Residence in Bangkok that I am dedicating our 100th post to its review!

Way back in July when we were tossing around the idea of heading to Thailand, this hotel caught our eye.  Over the course of the month that we were finalizing our travel plans, we kept revisiting the great reviews, location, and appeal of this particular hotel. Our initial instincts about this residence turned out to be right on the money and our stay here has been more pleasurable than we imagined.

We were a bit worried about being able to find the hotel but the new sign out front made the location apparent and our taxi driver had no issues getting us here.

photo 3

photo 1

Upon registering with the front desk, the hotel manager, Mr. Paul, came out to greet us and made every effort to satisfy our family’s need for adjoining rooms.  He even went so far as to give us a complimentary room upgrade!  We had originally reserved two studio type rooms and we ended up with two large bedrooms with a central living/kitchen area that gave us plenty of room to spread out and relax!  Since we were exhausted from our travels, Mr. Paul suggested we get some sleep and take care of all the paperwork in the morning…he even suggested having our dinner sent up from the cafe on premises so we can just unwind.  His attention and consideration made the first of many nights highly enjoyable.

The residence itself is composed of two buildings.  One is for short term and one is for long term.  The long term building houses the cafe and the gym and the pool separates the two.


When we were setting our criteria for the week long stay in Bangkok, the main points were to be near public transportation, the inclusion of breakfast, laundry, and proximity to shopping.  This hotel is within walking distance to just about everything we needed.  There were subway stations in either direction, multiple take away food places, and convenience stores very close as well as a few grocery stores.  There are other shopping options but we weren’t concerned with how far away the mall was 🙂  The street that the hotel is on is a busy street but the hotel sits on a dead end alley of sorts so there isn’t much noise despite the proximity to the road.

The breakfasts are fantastic.  They have a wonderful array of fresh fruits and vegetables, bread with jelly and peanut butter, and a few Thai options as well as juice/milk/cereal/eggs to order etc.  We have all absolutely loved our breakfasts….and I even have Carl drinking coffee!!



Asoke Residence has self laundry as well.  The staff was very helpful in showing me where and how to operate and even provided hangars to allow our linen clothes to air dry outside.  The housekeeping staff is top notch keeping our rooms very tidy and being available as needed.

The crowning glory for us was the help we received from Mr. Paul.  He has been very generous with his suggestions and recommendations, not only for local information, but for our upcoming trip down to Phuket.  I truly believe that he has been pivotal in our level of acclimation to the local area.

Arriving in Bangkok was such a huge change on various levels.  Having a real person who is available, knowledgeable and willing to answer questions makes such a huge difference.  I think if we could give anyone advice on how to approach the first few weeks in a new country it would be to give yourself a week to get over jet lag and the inevitable cold, and then a second week to sightsee.  We would also suggest that you find lodging that has an in house restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as laundry options.  If you have the basics taken care of in your immediate locations, then regardless of what transpires you will always be able to have a nice dinner in your clean undies!

We couldn’t have asked for nicer accommodations or staff than we found at Asoke Residence in Bangkok.  I know for certain that we will be staying here again upon our return to see more of the city.


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