Daughters and Piercings!

So recently Grace asked if she could get another ear piercing.  Carl and I had discussed some time ago how far and how fast we would let self mutilation go….it’s a big subject considering we both like self expression as well as tattoos (ahem…I have three).  However, age and maturity are both LARGE factors in making these kinds of decisions.  I am not going to air why I think the way I do, or defend my viewpoint.  I understand that we all have different ideas about what is acceptable and allowable.  I tend to be a bit reserved in my viewpoint on personal freedom for my underage children, and I have my reasons which my husband agrees with.  That being said, I was the one to convince Carl that an ear cartilage piercing for our 13 year old daughter was acceptable to me.  Grace is a very mature 13 year old.  Not only does she look much older, but her actions portray the very best qualities that we have tried to instill in our children.  She is very responsible, self motivated and doesn’t really ask for much.  By the time she gets around to asking our permission for something, it means that she has been thinking about it for some time.  She is getting to the point where she realizes that there is a great big life out there for her, and her decisions at this point will affect the opportunities presented to her in the future.

Needless to say, she was quite ecstatic that we gave our permission for the piercing!


However, in our excitement we made a tactical error.  We went to a Claire like location to get the piercing.  We should have just gone to a tattoo parlor.  I think piercings should be done by trained professionals, not minimum wage bubble gum chewing teens.  So, a week after we had the piercing done, we had a slight ear infection.  I think this was due to swimming in the ocean and improper cleaning….and we decided to visit a well reviewed tattoo artist in Patong by the name of Micro Tattoo.

Micro was a very interesting guy who was certain that Grace was my sister!!  However, he gave us a better earring (a bar to allow for swelling), switched it out, and issued a very easy cleansing practice.  Use soap.  He said that washing in the shower would be a better way to keep it clean than anything else.  He doused it with alcohol and said it was a very minor infection and we should let Grace’s body deal with it before trying any over the top cleanser.  I like that mentality!  Our bodies are very amazing creations, after all!


After that was all finished, we said our goodbyes and headed out for some lunch and shopping 🙂



LOVE this painting!
LOVE this painting!

So now, Grace’s new piercing looks great and has stayed nice and healthy looking!  If you all are considering any kind of body art, please please please go to a tattoo parlor with a good reputation and skilled artists!


2 thoughts on “Daughters and Piercings!”

  1. I found your blog while I was searching things related to cartilage earrings and I admit that I was incredibly lucky for doing
    this. I believe that this is a very wonderful post you have here!
    Is it ok if I post your page on facebook
    along with the link and the header of the article:”Daughters and Piercings! “??

    Thank You!!



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